Now you have run NextCloud as your cloud storage? That is great! That means your data is safe. Other people cannot access it. Or is it?

Where do you run your NextCloud? Or where does it save your data?

Amazon? Google? Microsoft? Oracle? RedHat? Wasabi? Alibaba?

Are you really sure they cannot access your data?

Or perhaps you need Cryptomator to help you?

But, if Cryptomator can help you, theoretically, you can safely use Google Drive and OneDrive as well, hmmm, right?

@selea @heavenly_general Well, since you commented here.

I might as well inform people that you run a NextCloud instance. I am using it and am very happy with the service.


Yeah I am part of the team that is managing operationtulip actually :)
Glad that you are happy with it!


@selea That's great. Thanks for the reference / tutorial.

The encryption surely helps a lot. Do you happen to have the bare metal at your home?


I am actually running my personal instance in a bigger cephfs environment, so not at home :)

There is the advantage of the nextcloud client being open source, so even if you encrypt everything, that's an advantage

@SentientTed Yes, I am agree 100% with you. NextCloud is a great piece of libre software indeed.

Its code also had been audited, which make it even better.

In addition, encryption will make it superb.

I love NextCloud as well. I wish more and more people adopt it.

@heavenly_general in data broker world, metadata is just as important as data

@morenonatural I agree with you. ProtonVPN (or ProtonMail) has discussed about the security impact of metadata.

But so far, there is no any great solution for this problem.

Especially because the mail courier needs to know the address on the envelope to be able to send the letter to the right destination.

@heavenly_general @morenonatural I think Daniel (maintainer of had a good point about this:

Things like federation can help with the metadata problem because it is not kept in a central place.


AFAIK, nextcloud federates or at least it did when I used it on my university's instance. I personally prefer syncthing cause it solves the metadata problem by being peer-to-peer.

@anjan @morenonatural Thanks for the information and the link.

The article is super informative. I love it.

@heavenly_general @morenonatural Ya, that post definitely made me very skeptical of "privacy respecting services" that dont federate. (ie. protonmail, signal, etc.)

@anjan @morenonatural Do you have any preference on email and chat providers which respect our privacy and security?

@heavenly_general @morenonatural For chat, I selfhost prosody. Prosody is very easy to setup and can be run on a raspberrypi.

For video calls, I am an fsf member so I can use their jitsi instance.

@anjan @morenonatural An FSF member, great!

Glad to meet a libre software movement supporter!

Prosody and XMPP in general. 

@anjan @heavenly_general @morenonatural
I too like prosody for chat, and host my own server, where I am, and also use

@jlines @anjan

You are using Debian project server. That means you are one of the Debian developers.


@heavenly_general @morenonatural

Email is much harder to selfhost. My current provider is migadu. You should read their privacy policy and such. Ive heard good things about posteo and other places. Ofc. Email is very insecure and ideally, someone makes some software to make pgp easier for normal people and it gets adoption from big organizations (banks, companies that bill you, etc.).
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