Does building highly sophisticated surveillance systems excite you?

Does helping the government to persecute immigrants excite you?

Does helping the government to kill people with drones and other implements excite you?

Then, this is a great opportunity for you!

Work for the NSA! Apply today!
1. System Engineer,
2. STEM Technical Leader.

Ah yes, there is actually a better idea if you want to obtain private data, such as from Roman Catholic community.

Just create an app to list the whole searchabled Roman Catholic churches from the entire of the world.

Those Roman Catholic people will happily download the app and give you their locations.

Another idea is a prayer app which can be sent to other people through their contacts.

They will happily give you all of their contacts.

This is really a sad fact.

Now, I see a pattern in the world of surveillance.

If we want to obtain private data of a given community, we just need to create an app specific for that community.

For example:
1. Target: Roman Catholic community
App example: Rosary
2. Target: Islam community
App example: Quran
3. Target: Hindu community
App example: Bhagavad Gita

We do not need to create the app ourselves. We can order the app from a contractor which in turn will order from a developer / company.

The world of data brokers / surveillance is truly fascinating.

Yes, a seemingly innocent application, such as a weather or Quran app supplied your locations history data to US agencies (or possibly various other countries' agencies).

Even sometime the companies which developed certain apps also getting paid by data broker company to put location tracking code into their apps.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the article below to your heart contents.

I have installed Tubelab, a great Peertube client from F-Droid. At the first time, I thought much of the contents were all related with gaming and libre software.

I kept exploring it, then I found a really nice short video.

Ladies and gentlemen, the screenshot below is the first ever video I watched on Peertube!

What a lovely movie (and also a lovely piece of libre software)!

I have created a Diaspora account several days ago. But it seems Diaspora is very quite. Almost empty I dare to say.

While Mastodon is very similar with Twitter, my impression so far, Diaspora is very similar with Facebook.

Now, I am going to use Diaspora to share longer post and Mastodon for shorter post.

There is still a media which I want to explore. It is Peertube.

And then, in the future, when the condition stable again, I am going to learn to set my own server.

That will be wonderful.

An interesting article on the reason why EFF does not release its software, such as the mighty Privacy Budger for Safari (or Apple platform generally).

A useful hint: it is because of unacceptable Apple's Developer Aggrement.

WebMD is a health information and news publisher. Thus, it should guard its visitors' data tightly because naturally the data is very sensitive.

But look at these trackers on the screenshots. With this amount of trackers, does WebMD respect its visitors' data?

Now, I am contemplating about LibreOffice.

Yes, it is indeed true that its facilities are still behind Microsoft Office (such as PowerBI on Excel).

But look, LibreOffice is already a mature software. It has so many useful and advanced facilities.

For many purposes, it is already capable replacing Microsoft Office. It is a huge win for libre software movement.

And yes, it does not spy you. It will not report to your boss whether you are being productive or not.

I am so grateful.

Using Firefox with its various useful addons is great for privacy (blocking various trackers).

For non-libre Android users, especially if you are using various non-libre apps, there is various useful apps to block those nasty trackers.

One of the apps is TrackerControl which can be installed from the F-Droid.

Trust me, looking at the list of blocked trackers is such a great pleasure.

It is interesting to see Pyongyang 2407, an Android ROM from North Korea.

The main purpose of the software is for surveillance (not quite so different with other Androids actually).

If you, for whatever reason, want to run this software, you can download the software from this repository.

"This repository contains installation instructions, hardware documentation and exploits for disabling censorship tools of North Korea Android."

Support #UserFreedom by getting #GNU gifts at the GNU Press Shop! New: FSF35 anniversary socks, an epic #Emacs deluxe bundle, and more!

There are two highly informative and interesting books which I always recommend to other people to read:
1. Free as in Freedom
2. Free Software Free Society (collection of essays)

Richard Stallman wrote both of them. Of course you can read them online.

But, you can also purchase the books as well, especially to support the FSF and GNU Project.

You can purchase them here:

Note: I always find it a pleasure to read GNU Emacs manual book while enjoying tea in the morning

Firefox Private Network provides secure and private web browsing. Why, since it has various useful facilities, such as:
1. Web traffic encryption,
2. Location and IP address masking.

Have you been using this great facility? Great! That means you have secure connection.

But, are you really sure about this? Look, this private network uses Cloudflare.

If you use this network, your ISP does not have ability to access your data, IP address, destination and timestamp. But Cloudflare does!

Remember Dataxu? A surveillance company, ehem, I mean a marketing company which tracks (piggybacking Disqus) people on my previous toot?

Here are the fun facts:
1. It paid an agency to write an entry to Wikipedia,
2. The agency had been blacklisted by Wikipedia,
3. The article is currently being nominated (second nomination) for deletion,

Yes, Twitter is following you.

"Twitter's new suggestion system would be fine if it stopped with the people you follow on the site and the other users who follow you, but blogger Dustin Curtis noticed that it doesn't stop there—Twitter also uses cookies dropped on your system to keep an eye on where you go on the web.

As long as there's a "tweet this" or "follow me" button on the site, Twitter harvests information on where you are."

"The decade-old Do Not Track specification is the epitome of this.

Since it was never made mandatory by law, it didn’t actually do anything in reality and businesses simply ignored it and continued to track users as they pleased.

Eventually, many tech companies like Apple just gave up and even removed the Do Not Track option from their services."

The free version of Disqus is very useful to provide commenting facility to our websites.

It is free and easy to use. This is also very fast to setup.

But, do you know that by using the software, practically, you expose your visitors to additional 21 trackers?

If your websites are related to medical or other sensitive services, do you want to leak the data to ads companies?

I have a question, what is your favorite documentation manual and the reason?

It can be a Unix manual, GNU Info document, or a printed book.

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