It’s a daunting task after having gmail for ca. 15 years but I’m finally starting a switch to @Tutanota Security and privacy is worth it!


@HeyMoe Doing same. I have people who have told me they were just going to keep emailing me at Gmail. Should I just ghost them? Are you encountering this same issue?

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@happysquirrel So far I’ve just been transferring all sign-in stuff over. I’ll still keep my Gmail around for a while in case something pops in that I forgot about. If someone emails you at your gmail, just respond from your Tutanota. It’ll take them effort to reply to your gmail. After a while, ghosting them is fine - it’s like getting a new phone number essentially.

@HeyMoe thanks for the tips. Are you loving tutanota as much as i am? That is, falling in love with email again.

@happysquirrel I’m definitely loving it - especially with the ability to use my own domain name aliases!

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