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I tried setting up pacenotes for Assetto Corsa rallying, but the text to speech synthesizer used by the Co Driver app is awful.
I thought the RBR pacenotes were pretty basic, but I guess my bar was too high!

There's an update to the RallySimFans installer for Richard Burns Rally that has several new tracks.
I screenshotted this list and went through the tracks looking for ones I like.
There are *so* many tracks in RBR and of such varying quality. I will have to make heavy use of favouriting!
The daily online rallies are a good way to gain track exposure, too.

After updating my Android OS somewhat recently (on /e/) my map applications do not work. There's an enhanced privacy feature that allows for spoofing location data, but forcing this to use my real location or disabling the enhanced privacy features altogether still results in location data being spoofed, even after system restarts.

I set up my dotfiles and Emacs in particular on my gaming desktop, and that feels like quite an achievement.

I landed two kickflips today. Lots of progress to be made there. No-comply 180s are the bane of my existence right now, though.

Scheduling and coordination take up a lot of energy and time. I have consistently made the mistake throughout my life of not considering these things to be "real" work. Hindrances, things that prevent real work... but this is a mental trap that begets overtime and overwork.

Just use an 'industry standard' piece of software to find out just how shitty the industry is.

I quit working and quit software due to extreme burnout and a loss of faith in the domains I was exposed to. (Web, AAA Videogames)
Projects like are enough to spark my interest, but any time I interact with the mainstream computing world I immediately get that sense of burnout again.

I still don't know what the future holds, but I am enjoying downtime while I have it. If we could move away from here then we would have way more options for job/life balance, but that remains a dream for now.

I'm so proud of my daughter! Day 2 skateboarding and she's working on smoothing out railstands, doing flatland kickflips, starting to do cavemans, and really working on pushing and riding her board comfortably.
For the latter she had a spectacular fall resulting from a rock wedging in a wheel, but she just got up and kept going like nothing happened. (I'm glad I got them pads!)

My 8 year old daughter seems to have an affinity for skateboarding so far.
I just picked her up a used complete deck for $20 and some kneepads to go with it for $5.

I'm excited for father-daughter skateboarding!

I landed two stationary kickflips today. I wasn't intending to try them yet, but the kids asked if I could do it, so I *had* to try. 🙂

New blog post: "The collapse of complex software"

Some thoughts on how complexity creeps in to software, and whether we can learn anything from anthropology about it.

self-hosted Wordpress creepy 

Ok this is creepy: when I upload an image to my self-hosted (not-Automattic) Wordpress site it also appears on a random third-party domain I have verified this with #wordpress #cms #stateOfTheWeb #privacy

Rain cannot beat my motivation to learn flatland tricks! I was going to clear a space in the garage when I remembered we have a covered patio! I moved the outdoor furniture off to the side and cleared a space.
Got some manual and nose manual practice in. Did some Ollie practice and learned nollies to boot. Learned cavemans both regular and switch, and railstands.
Started working on no comply 180s.

If you suffer from a chronically stiff lower back like I do, maybe you will appreciate the cat-cow and deep squat with reach mobility exercises that I favour.

Remember to activate those glutes when arching your back up.

Deep Squat With Reach:

Motivated to learn some flatland tricks today, but it is unfortunately raining.

This bit of #canpol is very serious as it relates to #censorship, #privacy and #netneutrality.

Canada's ISPs have been ordered to block IPs at will by large privacy copyright holders- bypassing normal legal processes.

As anyone who has been subject to an automated copyright notice or Youtube copyright assertion can tell you- they're often flawed, but in this case it's not simply a take-down but shutting people out of being able to access parts of the whole Internet.

Mr. Pro-Privacy here is struggling with the idea of getting his kid online.

1. She will be tracked and profiled before understanding the implications.
2. I don't have any good solutions for limiting access.
3. I want full access to her machines/accounts. Feels too invasive tho.

Anyone know of any solutions? Really want to get this kid set up with a desktop in our front room. Tired of sharing my machines with me over her shoulder!

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