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My 8 year old daughter seems to have an affinity for skateboarding so far.
I just picked her up a used complete deck for $20 and some kneepads to go with it for $5.

I'm excited for father-daughter skateboarding!

I landed two stationary kickflips today. I wasn't intending to try them yet, but the kids asked if I could do it, so I *had* to try. 🙂

New blog post: "The collapse of complex software"

Some thoughts on how complexity creeps in to software, and whether we can learn anything from anthropology about it.

self-hosted Wordpress creepy 

Ok this is creepy: when I upload an image to my self-hosted (not-Automattic) Wordpress site it also appears on a random third-party domain I have verified this with #wordpress #cms #stateOfTheWeb #privacy

Rain cannot beat my motivation to learn flatland tricks! I was going to clear a space in the garage when I remembered we have a covered patio! I moved the outdoor furniture off to the side and cleared a space.
Got some manual and nose manual practice in. Did some Ollie practice and learned nollies to boot. Learned cavemans both regular and switch, and railstands.
Started working on no comply 180s.

If you suffer from a chronically stiff lower back like I do, maybe you will appreciate the cat-cow and deep squat with reach mobility exercises that I favour.

Remember to activate those glutes when arching your back up.

Deep Squat With Reach:

Motivated to learn some flatland tricks today, but it is unfortunately raining.

This bit of #canpol is very serious as it relates to #censorship, #privacy and #netneutrality.

Canada's ISPs have been ordered to block IPs at will by large privacy copyright holders- bypassing normal legal processes.

As anyone who has been subject to an automated copyright notice or Youtube copyright assertion can tell you- they're often flawed, but in this case it's not simply a take-down but shutting people out of being able to access parts of the whole Internet.

Mr. Pro-Privacy here is struggling with the idea of getting his kid online.

1. She will be tracked and profiled before understanding the implications.
2. I don't have any good solutions for limiting access.
3. I want full access to her machines/accounts. Feels too invasive tho.

Anyone know of any solutions? Really want to get this kid set up with a desktop in our front room. Tired of sharing my machines with me over her shoulder!

I had a really good RWD run in Dirt Rally 2.0 tonight. The last section I made a few bad mistakes, but the first two sections were awesome.
RWD rally has been very difficult to learn.

Proportions look bad now when I look at the photo. Ha ha. Oh well. Drawing #2, so can't complain too much.

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Started today's journalling off with drawing for a change. I'm quite happy with this wolfman, although the original has a black shirt with band art that I didn't want to reproduce, and I couldn't figure out how to do natural looking wrinkles or folds.

I just learned of Team Brit. Awesome stuff!


It appears my midlife crisis involves listening to NOFX and skating bowls.

Frontside carves are super scary, but riding a bowl with speed, like most things in skateboarding, actually makes them easier.

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I rode this bowl today!

I haven't skated seriously in about eight years, and I was never very good.

Last week I rode the pump track for the first time and then again yesterday. Today I rode this bowl.

Everything has been scary, but just like programming, I break it into small problems and tackle each piece until I feel confident to start stringing them together.

I rode this bowl from top to bottom doing frontside and backside carves. I have never done that before.

I'm turning 40 this year.

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I'm wondering what place technical work will hold in my future.

I have done zero hobby projects on the computer in quite a while. (6 months -- over year since I dedicated serious time or effort.)

Maybe it'll come back after more time off; maybe I just have a personal hurdle to overcome.

Maybe a life transition is happening.

Did a little sketch from BoneHead this morning.
It felt great to do "fun" drawing after the slog that was the starting parts of Draw A Box.

“There’s no question that in our country, virtual competition has overtaken karting as the first step on the ladder towards a career in motorsport – and the fact that many of our former and current champions continue to participate in virtual championships is testament to the growing calibre of this ‘grass-roots’ discipline.”

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