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What is the Creative Commons license most similar to AGPL?

(Quick thought - may be mostly non sensical)

so like, conservatives drinking bleach, horse medicine, piss and now HRT to treat covid is a sex thing right?

What do y'all use for writing Forth these days?
My inclination is to reach for GNU Forth; but I don't want to accidentally start using GNU extensions. I'd prefer something strictly portable, if possible.

I remember reading through several of those Simple Shoes art journals. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I think that was late '90s.
That stuff was motivational!

New Gemini post:


"Waxing on Artistic Outlets"

Another stream-of-consciousness post, this time expressing my desire to create.

Hey fellow programmers,

here's a reminder that your code affects human beings. This example shows that coding can foster suicide:

Think about the consequences your code might have on people.

The example is more than 20 years old, we must do better in 2022.


I did another scouring of the garage to find my missing airbrush part. No dice.
Well, I ordered up a new airbrush. This one is a gravity feed instead of syphon feed. Probably no effective difference, but hopefully a little easier to maintain and goes through less material.

Anyone else have a lot of anxiety about calling people on the phone?

Funny enough, the longer the wait or the worse the automated phone process, the less anxious I get.

Can anyone recommend a good online creative writing course?

Here's a good article that includes a lot of my skepticism of DAOs as well a definition of what they are

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Mount Washington Observatory (MWO)
One of our Observers found an area out of the 65+ mph winds this morning and was going to have some leftover spaghetti for breakfast at #sunrise but the -30F (-34C) temperatures prevented them from even taking a bite.

@Linux_in_a_Bit When I talk about decentralisation, this is not what I mean. The only thing this decentralises (imperfectly) is trust in people. (Imperfectly since, if you own 51% of the mining power in a proof of work system like Bitcoin, you can rewrite history and pfft, bye byte currency)

When I talk about decentralisation I mean topological decentralisation. I mean if there are a billion people using a system, there should be a billion different databases owned by controlled by individuals.


the whole idea of programming language specific package managers and build tools is dangerous nonsense.

the more I see shit happen, the more I believe vendoring everything and large collective libraries are the way to go.

and it's not difficult, like I do it for my emacs configuration, and an added bonus is when there's some minor breakage, I can fix it and check the fix in, and when the time comes to upgrade, all I need to do is look at a git diff.

It's so fun when the technical documentation provides samples that result in a parse error.

My brain has been rewiring over the past year or two - decomposing specific patterns of thinking.
Like I uses to have ambitions to work for big tech, but now I find the idea extremely distasteful. But all the systems of thinking in my life are still coupled with that way of thinking, so I keep hitting something like an invalid memory address error or invalid operation while trying to think of plans for the future.

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