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Look, just...Just imagine to yourself that every person in the service industry gets to choose one customer to punch in the face each day.

And then try not to be that person.

I really want to do some programming sideprojects, but I'm stuck on what to actually do.

I would love to write a gameboy advance game... but that requires actually doing game design stuff.
Mind you, wisdom has it to start small and build up; so I could go through things like snake, space invaders, flappy bird and get those under my belt.

I started watching intro vids for one of the udemy courses I bought; but I immediately started thinking of gba programming while watching.

Current status:
- Forced to use OSX 😢.
- Forced to use AWS.
- Secrets management impl'd 3 ways, official way being a prototype that is broken.
- Agitated by having to juggle multiple profiles and contexts to do anything with no reasonable way to manage it.
- Docs are custom bash scripts by de facto lead we are expected to keep up with on our own.
- Artifact repo being abandoned, new one not paid for, not impl'd, unavailable.

Safari immediately goes unresponsive every time I launch it. Apparently this is not uncommon - and one of the causes is due to Safari showing a popup and then immediately hiding said popup so the user cannot interact with it in any kind of reasonable way.

This doesn't appear to be what's causing the problem for me, though. I've deleted all the stuff in Library that I can find that refers to Safari.

I'm trying Browserosaurus, but it doesn't seem to support browser profiles at all.

I like what Sam Harris does for his podcast and meditation service.

1. This is my price.
2. If you can't afford it, just contact us and we will accomodate you without question.

When you pursue #2 there is a secret 1.5 option of doing half the price of #1.

I really like this, because I value what he provides, but I can't justify the price from #1. Maybe it's just intellectual dishonesty on my part - I dunno.

Today marks the last official day of birthday season, but not of general celebrarions.
4 immediate family birthdays within 10 days.
Forthcoming: Thanksgiving, anniversary, Halloween.

Truly October is the most glorious of months and fall the most glorious of seasons.

What does "yeet" mean?

Gotta keep up with the young 'uns. I mostly understood contextually, but my wife asked explicitly and I had to look it up.
Our daughter routinely uses it.

Fedi I need help. The robot random avatar generator that my avatar came from. I can't remember what it's called or where I found I. Anyone know?

Use different browser profiles!
AFAICT aws-vault does not support anything other than the default browser, so this workflow is completely broken.

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kubectl contexts and namespaces, aws profiles, aws-vault, ansible vault, osx keychain.
This is, I assume, an accurate approximation of hell.

There was this Netwalk puzzle game for Android with Windows 3.1 style graphics.
I had that game on every Android device until some transition an unknown time ago.
Anyone know the game I'm talking about?
I don't even know if it's in Google Play or what. I was copying the APK from device to device for years.

Still, I have not found any Indonesian people in this web. Please boost so any Indonesian can follow and meet me.

I have a couple of routers and some Steam Links.
I find the possibility of writing custom software for these little computers to be intriguing.

Microsoft Stream doesn't let you annotate videos (as far as I can tell). Cool... cool.

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