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It took me 5 tries total, but I beat Kraid. A new benchmark for me! 😄

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Playing Metroid: Zero Mission.
I love the graphics and I love the feel.
I do not like the backtracking. I know it's kind of what makes Metroid a Metroid game, but I think more linear like Fusion is more my style.

I just made it to Kraid for the first time. I didn't beat him, but I think I was one or two hits away. He was flashing red. Next time!

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman is inspirational. Glad to be revisiting it!

Great! "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" is included as part of my Audible subscription. Guess what I'm listening to on my jog?
@Gemlog 😉

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I think it's time for my twice-weekly jog to commence.

I've already cast my vote for this upcoming federal election in Canada. I've just got to mail it in now.

It's been suggested to me several times over the years that I should run in politics. This has been intended as positive encouragement.

I just... I cannot even imagine having to deal with the kind of bullshit that I imagine exists in the political system. I have a hard enough time in "meritocracy-based" tech companies.

I apparently do not mind working with Dockerfiles.

Unfortunately in this interview he starts spouting off about how science is a restrictive mindset and limits creativity. I find this thinking to be completely backwards. It's a zero-sum view of knowledge and reality.
I much prefer Feynman's approach. Knowledge begets more knowledge. Knowledge in our universe is infinite as far as we know - the more you know about something, the more you realize you don't know. Learning more about reality increases wonder and appreciation, not decreases!

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I'm listening to some interview with Frank Herbert right now.
This is great stuff!
Imagine living a completely curious life. Forget about building a "career"; but instead taking opportunities based on satisfying a particular curiosity.
Imagine then synthesizing that knowledge and using it to direct your life, living more sustainability and being more creative.

I tried playing Megaman Battle Network. The concept is cool and the battle gameplay is good, but wandering the dungeons with the random encounters is just brutal.

I like the graphics in Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon on the GBA.

Hmm. I can't seem to get circe to identify my nick properly; either with sasl-password or nickserv-password.

Cool. I just filled out the form for a catering service and their submit button doesn't work.
I can only wonder at what kind of trackers they are using on their site. 🤔

I am listening to Medieval Myths and Mysteries with Dorsey Armstrong from The Great Courses, and so far it is great! The Mrs. has also been enjoying it.

And a quick session of Fire Emblem.
I really like the idea of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.
I should get on that idea of mine to make an Into the Breach clone. It seems doable...
(Says the guy who has never programmed the GBA before.)

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What are the options for "lightweight", low-resource Fediverse servers and clients?
Manual refresh is fine.

I played some Astro Boy and Metroid: Zero Mission on the Vita today.
I *love* the GBA and the games that came to it. So great!

Astro Boy is tough! It seems great, but I lack the skills. Metroid: Zero Mission is awesome. I played a lot of the original Metroid when I picked up a NES a few years ago, but never beat it. I've played a little Zero Mission before, but I don't recall how far I made it.
The game feels great!

Feynman technique - a simple and powerful way to rapidly learn and retain new concepts.

1. Write down the name of concept you're trying to learn.

2. Explain it in plain English, as if you were teaching it to a new student.

3. Identify things you couldn't explain well, re-read the source material and research them. Try explaining again until these knowledge gaps are gone.

4. Simplify your explanation, get rid of technical terms and use simple analogies. ELI5.

#learning #rationality

Chromebooks are very secure. This is not surprising. Prisons usually have excellent security.

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