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@kelbot I'm leaning more and towards the idea of discrete personal electronic devices.
You mentioned a separate camera recently. The other two categories I think are:
- dumb cell phone

I don't know anything about either, but the PDA seems particularly interesting to learn about. I really like styluses and am curious about doing offline sync between desktop + PDA. Do you have thoughts on that?

Computer Science towards sustainable permacomputing
"Unrealistic" "People wont want that" "Too many assumptions about the future"

Computer Science which assumes everyone lives in VR in the future
"Visionary" "Futuristic"

Why do all Mastodon clients on Linux have blob smileys that completely differ from those available on the instance I am on?

Ugh. I must have thrown out my back hefting the kayak around.
I started feeling it yesterday, but it's really bad today.

Pretty happy with this Red Racer Street Legend Pilsner dealcoholized craft beer!
My only complaint is that it comes in mammoth 500ml cans.

@nytpu Great article in smolZINE #6.
Y'all have inspired me to tackle some more focused writing again.
I've had deep thoughts on career/parenting/lifestyle for many years now and haven't attempted writing anything coherent on it yet.


@calcifer An example of capitalist pressure is assumption creep. It used to be that you could change the oil in a car in your driveway with a funnel, a pan, and a wench. Then you needed a jack. Then you needed a proper car lift. Then they stopped caring and assumed you'd take it to authorized service personnel who have a four wheel lift and That Specific Wrench needed to drain the crank case. The last car I tried to change the oil by hand was 20 years ago and it was nearly impossible. Now it's not even worth it.

It's not just that repairability is not a right, it's that culture has relegated it to replacement or expertise and a massive tech chain. The world we live in doesn't have things even designed to be repairable now. We'd need more than rights, we'd need *regulation*.

For most of my life I have been infatuated with videogames and technology.
As of late I really find myself falling out of that. I want to be outdoors, I want to be baking and cooking, I want to be spending time with people and being active and interacting with my environment.

It's such a drastic shift, too. Outside of work I spend practically zero time on any traditional computer and typically just use my phone for listening to books, podcasts or music.

I did kayaking and the missus did paddleboarding this morning. This has been a dream of mine - get an early morning outdoors adventure in before work.

Gonna attempt an early morning excursion with the missus tomorrow!

I just picked up some waterproof cases for our phones. Super minor, but it has me excited to get out paddling again!

We had decided on getting a canoe for the family, but it seems the only affordable entry-level canoe I can seem to find (CanadianTire) is not actually purchasable anywhere nearby.

The plan has changed to an entry-level open-top kayak for one adult and one child. The other adult and child can use the two paddleboards we have.

Incremental steps!

oh man i completely missed this

git repo is offline, too

what the fuck is going on this year

Github Copilot.

I often rant that computer geeks don't understand copyright.

Copilot is a textbook example of this. It's a bucket of lawsuits waiting to happen.

Nobody with even a basic understanding of copyright (e.g., having read "The Copyright Handbook") would think that Copilot could endure.

(Your rebuttal must start with "I have studied The Copyright Handbook" or "I am a copyright lawyer" if you want to not be derisively yeeted out of the fedi.)

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