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Anyone have experience with this router?
A good friend of mine bought it and highly recommends it.

2.4/5GHz (3x3 MIMO) Professional-Grade Router Surf SOHO- Peplink

They taste almost identical. It seems to me the V60 has a flatter finish, while the Wave seems to have a tail of sweetness in comparison, but even if so, the difference is *very* minor.

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Kalita Wave vs Hario V60.
Essentially the same brew time.
This is as Apples to Apples as I can do it, but the V60 is for my wife, so just a small sip to compare.

When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

I started reading The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor and so far I find it much more engaging than The Checklist Manifesto. I am still only at the very beginning, however.
The former also seems more interesting to my so it has less work to do.

I brewed my regular Ismael Hasan Ethiopian coffee this morning with the ceramic Kalita Wave instead of the V60. I like it! I've been primed to like it (going on several years now) but I do think I prefer it over the V60. And as a bonus, I think the design of it helps brews be more consistent.

Also I baked my sourdough and it turned out alright. I know what to do next time!

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Wow, today was kind of glorious. I had some excellent coffee, got the BBQ going again and had excellent kebabs and burgers, did several errands, and took my son to soccer.

Tomorrow's my daughter's first communion, so my wife has been stressing a lot, but it seems like we've crossed the stress threshold there and things are more easygoing and positive now.

The weather was a never-ceasing transition between light rain and intense sunshine.

My coffee guy (Andy @ C41) gave me a coffee sample and loaned me his Kalita wave with some filters. Such a great guy!

I'm trying a Rwanda Dukorere naturally processed bean. This is the "new style" of "fermented" beans. The flavour profile is described as "like yogurt.". I didn't like a previous one I tried, but I'm appreciating it here. Maybe the Kalita did a better job with it than the V60 did on the previous one, too.

I am reading The Checklist Manifesto now; about three years after getting a copy from work. Its good, but kind of tedious. I'm about halfway through and the book hasn't progressed beyond anecdotes. This may be necessary to motivate the ultimate point, but my impression is that this is all there is.
I've got to take a break from it for a bit.

New gemlog post after a nearly 4 month hiatus: gemini://

Just a regular 'ol journal entry, but it got my writing! Over 2200 words according to Emacs. A great start!

Version 0.4.29 of Ripcord, an alternative Slack and Discord client, is released.

Full changelog:

Hey search engine operators, when I do an image search for "tank man" and this picture doesn't show up, I stop trusting your search engine.

Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests being violently quelled by the Chinese Communist Party, who killed or injured thousands and have never been held accountable.

In that mood where all my variables and project names are swear words.

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