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about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

when i was 15 years old i had chat accounts on four services which i interacted with entirely through Pidgin and that's how I talked to all my friends.

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Apparently this morning is all about cross posting memes from Masto to various personal group chats.

A devops engineer is a device for turning YAML into AWS bills.

A lot of people in the Bitcoin space make the case that it's good for the environment because high energy consumption incentivizes improvements in energy efficiency.

Are cigarettes good for public health because they incentivize improvements in cancer treatments?

@groovestomp if you're looking for something that's fairly quiet and has a semi-tactile feel, the NiZ electro-capacitive keyboards are an interesting thing to check out. Compatible with regular cherry mx style keycaps, and their "Micro 82" is close to the keychron k2 layout.

With these EC keyboards, the feel can be customized by changing the rubber domes, there's popular third party dome replacements from e.g. DESKEYS.

I went back to the Kinesis Advantage for a bit. It is still the most comfortable keyboard my massive hands have used; but I really appreciate being able to use a standard layout keyboard as well. As a result, I've been back on the Keychron K2 today.
I really dig this keyboard. I'd prefer it with the Novelkeys Box Royal switches; and for being on video calls I'd prefer something not at all noisy.

I fear I may end up purchasing another keyboard or two in the near future...

I am finding it more and more difficult to work for someone else doing something I'm not particularly interested in.

I am finding that I work in fits and starts way more often - where I get really engaged in a specific thing and hack away at it, then there's a long period of coasting where I lightly dabble in this or that; mostly disconnected from what's going on.

I assume this is fairly common.

I think part of me believes I can do the "fully engaged" thing ALL THE TIME.

@djsundog You had that tech job rant about 16 hours ago. Are you looking for new work? Or just thoughts on modern trends you had to vent?

I cheated at Go Fish with my four year old son, and I'll tell you what: It was a joy to see his reaction when he won.

I got back into physio recently. It's been great! I'm unlearning a lot of old advice and fixing a lot of issues I developed while trying to teach myself from instructional workout videos.

I did two aeropresses this morning attempting to follow this, but I totally missed the swirl + settle post-brew!

I did one V60 today as well but found it not as good as the super V60 I did yesterday. Differences:
- Brewed direct to cup.
- Swirled instead of stirred with stick.

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James Hoffman has Two videos up on Aeropress brewing. Good stuff! The second video does some testing on various "truisms" regarding aeropress brewing.

My takeaways:
- Brew with water fresh off a boil.
- Rinsing the paper is unnecessary.
- Brew at least two minutes.
- Swirl at the end of brewing and give ~30s for the grinds to settle before pressing.
- Press gently.

I also upgraded filter papers. I'm using unbleached Hario V60 papers from Japan. I suspect this made a very large impact on the coffee.

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Eshell as a main shell

I quite enjoyed this post.
I'm going to try this out myself. I suspect "Emacs as OS" is a meme for a reason and just accepting that fact might open up the doors for productivity and customisation.

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