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Do all 7 year olds take 20x the amount of time to get anything done compared with an adult? It *seems* abnormal, but my baseline is off.

Who was that singing Bowie's "Life on Mars" just now?

ModernVintageGamer has a video on "Learn to code and write games on the Nintendo Game Boy." I've had this open in a tab since it went live. This is 100% in my area of interest, but I have no headspace for it now.

I might temporarily abandon my C-parser and GameBoy emulator projects. I mean, I essentially have already; but really commit to abandoning them, you know? 😉

When I do get back into the headspace for sideprojects, I think retro console programming will be high on the list.

I ordered some beer from Athletic Brewing. They do non-alcoholic beer.
I ordered a 6-pack of the stout and a 6-pack of the golden ale.
The packaging is subpar. 4 of the cans (2 from each 6-pick) were completely distended with one of them leaking through the box.

I'm trying the stout right now since it was leaking. It's good! The nose is great and truly tastes somewhere between a stout and a dark lager. The tail is pretty typical for a non-alcoholic beer, but the nose compensates.

New gemlog post, this one out all the videogame thoughts in my head lately; mostly about PS Vita.


I tried out Amfora and it doesn't let you view my gemlog because I have apparently generated my x509 certs incorrectly.

It works fine if you use AV-98 or one of the various HTTP proxies, though. I can't be arsed to look into the x509 thing that Amfora is complaining about. Sorry Amfora users. 😞

I just read about LastPass's new changes to free plans.
They were my preferred password generator/store of the options available at the time, but I switched to using KeePass and Syncthing about 5 years ago and highly recommend this route for anyone interested.

OK, so, I guess I don't know what I'm doing, because even though I was writing the file; I guess tramp mode in emacs doesn't actually write the file?
I'm not really sure what happened. If I explicitly do ctrl-x + ctrl-w then save it over itself, then it saves changes properly; but not if I just do ctrl-x + ctrl-s.


In any case, the sample subfolder reverse proxy config for Miniflux *does* actually work.

Oy, Miniflux is being very frustrating. The example subfolder reverse-proxy config doesn't work for me as written:

I've hacked together a few nginx configs, but it's exactly out of my depth enough that I'm down to trial and error.

I've been playing Ridge Racer for the PSP, and it is pretty dang fun!
I'd never given the series a fair shake before, and right now I am enjoying the heck out of drifting and boosting.

Ada seems like a cool language.
I also get the impression it's not worth taking a serious look at.


OK Fine, I'll install a database server just for TT-RSS.
I was hoping to just use SQLite, but FINE; you've got me beat.

Add this to the list of reasons why the Macbook touchbar is terrible:
The placement of the "(x)" and "esc" are not the same; so you have to move your finger ever so much when you are trying to quit out of a prompt.

Absolutely stellar work Apple. 👌

I'm currently using c-lx rss ( but I am finding some quirks with it that make me want to jump ship. Specifically, I can't tell which source a given article is coming from, French leaks everywhere into the UI, and the automatic pull cron doesn't work.

I've used TT-RSS ( in the past, but it seems the only documented way of running it now involves using Docker - something I have stopped doing lately.

I found what appears to be a good resource for beginning with restoring machining tools:

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LOL. Nicole plating. Gosh darn I love smart technology.
*nickle* plating!

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I wonder if there are good books on getting started?
Like Nicole plating, cleaning different kinds of materials, refinishing, etc.

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I really enjoy watching restoration videos. Cooking equipment, tools, electronics.
When we finally move out of the city, I like to think I would do that kind of thing instead of professional software dev.

My daughter says, while reading as I type, "Just great? Not awesome!?"

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