My wife asked me why I was speaking so softly at home.

I told her I was afraid Mark Zuckerberg was listening!

She laughed. I laughed.
Alexa laughed. Siri laughed.

@freakazoid Did you get a chance to try out The Red Strings Club yet?

@selea Ack!
I've had Cachaça before and it tasted like drinking sweetened sugar. LOL

Wow, I just got a great compliment from my boss. Maybe not merited after that 1927 word email I sent him, but I appreciate it nevertheless. 😄

@akater @freakazoid I just installed multi-vterm and right now I am loving this!
I don't think tmux + tmux plugins are directly mappable to multi-vterm in emacs, but I'm going to try the latter for a while anyway and see where the hiccups are.

@akater @freakazoid In my extremely limited testing, vterm seems superior to ansi-term in that I can still use M-x normally in the former, but the latter seems to capture it.

@joegrimer I think I need a few stories under my belt before I can attempt that! 😄

@schratze My sister in law reminded me of this one after I shared your Moray repost.

@MrDers A coworker of mine taught himself to mouse left handed. I think there's value in that. I don't think it resolves any inherent ergonomic issues; but it would certainly bias it the other way if there are existing issues.

@MrDers muscle instead of mousing with the wrist, or using a regular trackball with your fingers.

@MrDers hand positioning. The kinesis ergo gave me ergonomics without having to think (after adapting to the keyboard) whereas a standard layout requires me to be conscious of it. Luckily, I don't seem to suffer RSI like I used to with a standard layout, so I guess I am diligent enough with form.

I've also settled on the Logitech Ergonomic trackball driven by the thumb. It also took a while to adapt to, but I'm good now. I can even game with it!
Makes sense to use that meaty thumb

@MrDers I switched to the Kinesis Advantage about 9 years ago. The ergonomics of that keyboard helped me tremendously. It lacks a numpad, so I adapted. I still struggled with pointing devices for years.
Unfortunately, the cost of that keyboard exploded. At the time it was expensive at ~$275 CAD, but last I checked a couple years ago it was >$500 CAD for the current model.
As a result I've adapted back to a standard layout for cost reasons and have tried to adopt more ergonomic ...

@MrDers This used to be a hard requirement for me as well. Over time I just gradually stopped using it. I do a lot less raw number entry than I used to, so I don't feel like I'm suffering for its loss.
Ergonomics also factors in. Having the mouse on the right already creates a big imbalance and then having to put it further out to compensate for the numpad and arrows keys is just adding insult to injury (for folks who suffer from ergonomic issues of that nature - as I do).

Anyone have a suggestion for a simple visio alternative?
Want to draw/conceptualize me some electrical circuits and being able to drag and reconnect digitally seems more productive than wasting paper on frequent redraws (as in ooooh didn't think of x, so now I need some extra space here).
Or do you have a valid argument for going on paper anyway? 😅

I made sourdough biscuits for breakfast today with excess sourdough starter.
What a nice bonus!

@steinarb Org-mode. I'm not taking advantage of it much yet (just 900 words!) But I'm planning on using linking extensively.

Actual writing today!
Did about 250 words and moved on to something else. Not sure if that idea will go anywhere.

Second attempt I got about 650 words and it flowed much better. I'll continue that one next time. Enjoying it so far!

It's a joy to have a low powered laptop with no internet connection, full screen Emacs and disable-truncate-lines turned on.

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