Seeing similar behavior with llvm, although I haven't tried explicitly specifying all the optimization flags there.

Time to run valgrind and some other tools to see what's up.

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I'm using C++ 17 with GCC as the compiler.
If I specify no optimizations, it runs fine.
If I specify O1 or O2 then I get a failure to initialize the vulkan instance.
If I explicitly specify all the flags that O1 and/or O2 imply, then it works without issue.

@mhd More the latter than the former. I wouldn't say I know very much about the Vulkan API itself yet.

I've been doing some coursework on embedded development for ARM microcontrollers.

Much to my surprise, this has been entirely boring and uninteresting.

On a lark I looked up some Vulkan API documentation and became immediately hooked. Last night I was up until after 10pm programming graphics for fun. I don't even know the last time I chose to program over other activities for fun.

@gemlog Damn, sorry to hear. I've been thinking about your cheapo Android phone lately, too.

Man, I have been dinged hard by UPS. I ordered a ~$800 bike rack a year or two ago and I think they charged $200 for import duties or brokerage fees. Not sure if it was NA Free Trade agreement stuff or them doing brokerage fees. In either case it hurt. 😠

@jonn Hey Jonn, it's going! 😛
It's been a bit rocky, but I have just rediscovered a passion for computer graphics programming, so at least now I feel like I have some direction.

I thought embedded microcontroller programming and firmware development would be my thing; but so far it seems those would only work for me in the context of doing graphics.

Self discovery is hard.

Heading out to Confederation skate park today in Burnaby. I haven't ridden the bowl there since I had the BMX about 9 years ago. I'm very curious.

I haven't missed a day skating since last Tuesday now! On a roll!

@klardotsh @Ozzy Thanks for sharing.

I briefly touch on this fact in the post itself. I want some mechanism for proxying/mirroring my gemtext to html, but haven't found a solution that works for me yet. At that point I can just share the web link on websites. 🙂

I subscribed to several self-help/lifestyle/freelance/self-employment podcasts. I tried to filter before subscribing to them to make sure they were ones I would actually be interested in with advice I would be amenable to, and specifically not touting hustle culture or just talking with other folks doing the same thing already.
So far they all seems not worth listening to, although Freelance Family Man the best of the batch so far.

@Ozzy it's a different protocol from HTTP. Here's a terse overview:

There are web proxies linked on that page that will work for you. If you are interested, you can use the Lagrange gemini browser (as opposed to a web browser):

The easiest is a direct web proxy link to my gemini post:

I landed a couple Ollie-to-manuals, some pop shuvits, did an assisted heel flip and did many bonelesses. I got into a 50/50 but they are very early at this point.

Day 6/6 now, 7 of the last 9.

@JSkier That sounds neat re: the integrated skatepark. We have one like that at the waterfront.

I think inline skating would be easier for indoor hockey than running around in shoes! 🙂

There are apparently as many as three indoor skate parks here, but I may have to drive an hour to get to 'em... Rain predicted this week, too.

@JSkier Yeah! Well, I was. My wife has been playing for years and roped me in this year to help deal with some depression on my end.
I'm not sure if I'll go back next season.
Decent chance.
If I can figure out a way to keep skating year round then maybe not...

@jonn Perhaps!
Day and time? I picked up WRC 9 this sale, so more rallying fun. 🙂

I've gone skateboarding 6 of the last 7 days. I only missed one because it was the final game of the season for floor hockey and the last time I went skateboarding before floor hockey I didn't have the energy to perform as well as I swagged.

I did Peter Sullivan skatepark today (Ambleside). It is, by far, the closest skatepark, but as many convenient choices seem to go, it is not really my cup of tea.
I did get some good Ollie practice (onto objects and to and from banked surfaces) and learned to drop in from axle stall. Oh, started doing frontside 180s again, too.

All in all I was somewhat let down, though. I'm very into bowl skating at the moment, so I think I shall stick with skating bowls!

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