I saw an article about an idea to put self-driving cars on the road which can drive a tiny bit slower than other cars around them, gradually allowing a large gap of antitraffic to form in front of them, which can contract to destroy a traffic jam wave.
And I was like dude I've been doing that for 10 years and I'm not an AI. You don't need an AI, you need one person in a thousand to have read Bill Beatty's traffic wave theories.

@kai Yeah, for sure. When you are incentivized to look the other way, you tend to look the other way.

@kai Or the early adopters who own the majority of whatever coin just buy their own private armies to enforce whatever fits their whim. πŸ€”

I think you need to be delusional to ignore the past 10 years of blockchain and crypyocurrencies and focus only on the utopian futures possibilities. Yet this seems to be happening a lot... it's understandable with artists who are getting grifted by NFT pundits - folks who have no knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency technology or history.

If nothing else, NFTs seem to have caught onto a different crowd than typical blockchain bros. I think it's for the worse, unfortunately, because newcomers positive on NFTs are unaware of the underlying technology and issues therein.

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Oh damn. Sam Harris sees blockchain and NFTs in particular as a potential solution the the political strife going on in the US.


I am disappointed.
It's all Libertarian positivism with straw man arguments against it, ignoring the serious issues.

(Not fishing for anti Sam Harris comments here or pro-blockchain or pro-NFT ones either.)

@happysquirrel No. I wonder what it would cost to 3D print? Probably more hassle than it's worth.


Wordle 216 3/6



@freemo adieu apparently did me well today!

@freemo I try:
1. Steak
2. Wordy
3. Pinch

Or other non overlapping words like that. My strategy makes it highly unlikely to score under 4.

I might try Adieu tomorrow!

@rgegriff I've never heard of this person before, so I did a search. Looks like your typical American-right anti-vaccine, pro-Trump Fox News pundit.

I'm happy I've known nothing about them before now! πŸ™‚

@wwwgem I did use some metallic paint (testors enamel paint with metallic finish) for the Ferrari kit I'm building, but I found airbrushing it to be a complete PITA, so I switched to cheap $1 store acrylic flat paint and Pledge Revive floor gloss for clear coat.
Not done yet, but it's looking good so far. Other than all the mistakes I'm making. πŸ™‚

But yeah, metallic paint looks cool.


Wordle 215 5/6


Boo! 5/6 Worst yet!


@wwwgem No. Not this time. Part of the reason I'm doing the gunpla is because you don't have to paint it at all. πŸ™‚

I started Draw A Box tonight. Did the two pages of superimposed lines. Lots of lecture material preceding the exercises!

@jonn Ah, you go back farther with him than I do! Nice!
Small world. πŸ™‚

@jonn Aye. Will is big into Nix, Linux and "the Unix way", so I immediately felt connected to him, but we are definitely on opposite sides of the blockchain divide. I think he blocked/muted/unfollowed me after I posted stuff critical of blockchain tech. Not sure, honestly.

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