Started today's journalling off with drawing for a change. I'm quite happy with this wolfman, although the original has a black shirt with band art that I didn't want to reproduce, and I couldn't figure out how to do natural looking wrinkles or folds.

Did a little sketch from BoneHead this morning.
It felt great to do "fun" drawing after the slog that was the starting parts of Draw A Box.

Whoa! RaceRoom is doing a free all-access trial now through May 30!

This latest sourdough looks fantastic. Looking forward to tasting it.
I went from 1/4 rye to 1/5.

@jonn Ever see this?
I think I need to do the 32/64-bit prefix juggle again to resolve it. 🤔

caecilian fangs saliva 

Here is a caecilian head-on. There is a needle being used to hold its mouth open so you can see its fangs.

Finally, two 11"x14" pages of planes. Actually wasn't too bad. Bigger planes makes it go faster.

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