I drew a picture of Squirtle for my son that I think turned out quite well.


Finally my sourdough turned out the way I want!
Good oven spring, big ear, nice browning, all the good stuff.

I altered two variables at once:
- I didn't add ice cubes to the roasting pan.
- I baked regular, not convection.

It looks like my sourdough starter is coming along nicely today!

I wouldn't normally consider diabetes, wrinkles, venerial infections or eye problems to be benefits!

Pretty happy with this Red Racer Street Legend Pilsner dealcoholized craft beer!
My only complaint is that it comes in mammoth 500ml cans.

Gonna attempt an early morning excursion with the missus tomorrow!


Look at that balance. What are the chances?
My brother says it's the "Mark of the Oral". 😆

I'm not sure why I got this hump in my loaf. It seems like I didn't score it deep enough on the ends, but it could be the way I shaped it.

It is super delicious!

Oooh, the latest sourdough looks great! Nice oven spring!

477g flour @ 70% hydration.

Latest sourdough.
These are the best looking loaves yet!
They're darker than I'd like, but I'm still learning my oven. I don't like that it says its at 500°F and then when I set it for 450°F I see it suddenly update the display to show that its sitting at 385°F. :-(

The left loaf is squashed because I baked it in two deep baking sheets whereas the right one was in a roasting pan. There's not enough room in there for two roasting pans at once.

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