PocketCHIP running desktop with Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard.

Udemy has some great discounts right now. I'm really looking forward to doing these!

I think LBRY seems interesting. I'm glad they are FOSS and available in F-Droid.
I'm not sure about the anti-features, though.
Maybe the anti-features description isn't detailed enough. What activity is being tracked? Why is it being reported and what happens after the report?

(Screenshot of LBRY in F-Droid anti-features: The app tracks and reports your activity)

I love how clean you can get paint brushes with mineral spirits after using alkyd based paint.

In general using mineral spirits is a PITA compared with cleaning water based paints with water, but the results are significantly better.

The brush on the right was left out for two weeks with no cleaning. I cleaned it yesterday, used it today and just finished cleaning it again.

I'm sure it'll be like new with a few more uses and cleans.

I did some siding on the roof today. It feels good to get stuff done. 🙂


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