Latest sourdough.
These are the best looking loaves yet!
They're darker than I'd like, but I'm still learning my oven. I don't like that it says its at 500°F and then when I set it for 450°F I see it suddenly update the display to show that its sitting at 385°F. :-(

The left loaf is squashed because I baked it in two deep baking sheets whereas the right one was in a roasting pan. There's not enough room in there for two roasting pans at once.

This coffee is outstanding!
I believe it is from Pallet in Vancouver, BC.

Kalita Wave vs Hario V60.
Essentially the same brew time.
This is as Apples to Apples as I can do it, but the V60 is for my wife, so just a small sip to compare.

My coffee guy (Andy @ C41) gave me a coffee sample and loaned me his Kalita wave with some filters. Such a great guy!

I'm trying a Rwanda Dukorere naturally processed bean. This is the "new style" of "fermented" beans. The flavour profile is described as "like yogurt.". I didn't like a previous one I tried, but I'm appreciating it here. Maybe the Kalita did a better job with it than the V60 did on the previous one, too.

Tushy Spa 3.0 freshly installed!
This is a bidet attachment installed on a "standard" north american style toilet.

Not a bad result, and the metaprogramming turned out to be way more straightforward than I was fearing.

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All the tulips in our backyard flower garden opened up to soak up the sun.

The vibrant orange looks lovely.

I love that my kids saw this and laughed and call him happy. :-D

Imagine a sour beer with a taste of cherry cola. Yup, just like it says.

I couldn't pass this up because of the Kim Mitchell reference. Classic Canadiana.

4th go. Threw out the celery stalks this time.
I forgot to add the tomatoes so I fried them after then added them on.
My wife doesn't like the spinach in it.

3rd attempt.
Scrambled eggs with spinach, green onions, grape tomatoes and pancetta.

Scrambled eggs with spinach this time!
I forgot the grape tomatoes, however.

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