I've gone skateboarding 6 of the last 7 days. I only missed one because it was the final game of the season for floor hockey and the last time I went skateboarding before floor hockey I didn't have the energy to perform as well as I swagged.

@groovestomp Are you in a league for floor hockey? Haven't played that in years.

@JSkier Yeah! Well, I was. My wife has been playing for years and roped me in this year to help deal with some depression on my end.
I'm not sure if I'll go back next season.
Decent chance.
If I can figure out a way to keep skating year round then maybe not...

@groovestomp Nice, sounds really fun to do, good times back in the day doing it at rec centers. I did rollerblade hockey in college too.

Indoor skate parks aren't really around much any more where I live. The city did just open an outdoor park with skate ramps and a bowl, but more open and integrated with the park itself, which is a cool concept. Glad to see it's picking up in popularity locally.

@JSkier That sounds neat re: the integrated skatepark. We have one like that at the waterfront.

I think inline skating would be easier for indoor hockey than running around in shoes! 🙂

There are apparently as many as three indoor skate parks here, but I may have to drive an hour to get to 'em... Rain predicted this week, too.

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