Did some ollies, nollies, shuvits and kickflips; dropped in on all the transition heights and had fun riding some bowls.
I say this has been a successful skateboarding day!

@groovestomp Wow! ran a bush saw and murdered lots of ferns and brush bushes* :-)

* and decapitated the odd baby doug fir... :-(

@groovestomp nah. chainsaws are a different time of year. Brush saw is one of these bit with a tri-blade thing instead. I can whack down anything up to ~6-7cm that gets in my way ;-)
The trick is not to kill the baby Christmass trees lurking below the tall ferns and brush...
After I got them working from last year - 3 hours down, 35 hectares to go! :-)

@gemlog Oh, my mistake.
Well, outdoor time is great regardless. You wouldn't be doing it otherwise, right? 😄

@groovestomp Well, they do pay me too! :-)
It is actually hard work - most people don't come back after a day or two.
It's good for me at my age though and better than sitting at an xterm or an editor.

@gemlog I'm appreciating the skateboarding for getting me active. I get sore, sure; but that means the body is working, right? 🙂

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