I quit working and quit software due to extreme burnout and a loss of faith in the domains I was exposed to. (Web, AAA Videogames)
Projects like are enough to spark my interest, but any time I interact with the mainstream computing world I immediately get that sense of burnout again.

I still don't know what the future holds, but I am enjoying downtime while I have it. If we could move away from here then we would have way more options for job/life balance, but that remains a dream for now.

@groovestomp you should be like Gavin — push some hobby hard enough to do it full time :)

@groovestomp (except please, make the website such that it's easier for people to give you the money. OSE website is painfully confusing)

@groovestomp I used to be in computers pretty heavily as an interest. Every new update brought cool features. Graphics were great with 3D skeumorphics. Buttons had tool tips and were methodically placed.

Anymore, it feels painful. What new update will break my system? This new UI makes my eyes bleed. Why is this "button" so ambiguous on what it does or change what something else unrelated?

@groovestomp If you like small virtual machines, the Z-Machine may be interesting. A 16-bit virtual machine; has probably been ported to every computer system that's existed since the 1980s. Perhaps the most portable virtual machine ever made.

@groovestomp I know this feeling well, use that downtime to make a plan so you don't have to interact with that which is detrimental to your health.

I hope you find a way, take care :)

@groovestomp I have experienced this too, I’m also a web dev of over 15 years. I’m now working an in-house role whilst I work on my own business. I’ve been lead developer and it destroyed my soul, although I used to love mentoring apprentices. I’ve found a happy balance working in house as a senior ( but not lead ) dev. Was it something specific that turned you off?

@chrisjimallen There's 15 years worth of stuff there, but devops was the final thing that did it. A personality conflict drove me from dev to devops and devops did the rest.

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