I've been doing intermittent fasting again this week. Stop eating at 6pm, start again around 10am. I remember why I stopped, mostly because the rest of my family was eating breakfast together, but I like this way better. Glad to be back in the habit.

@groovestomp Oh good for you! Life is better without breakfast, IMHO.

@kai Not specifically. Trying to eat healthier and feel better. I've had poor eating habits the last several months.

@groovestomp I have at least had some soylent dinners this week.

It's hard to know what really snapped me out of my haze because the warm weather seemed to coincide with that concert.

@groovestomp I need to get back on my IF; I did the same schedule and was able to maintain my weight. My problem is that morning coffee with sugar and creamer is so hard to avoid.

@teamtuck I do black coffee, so not an issue here! One benefit of being a coffee snob. 😛

@groovestomp I've tried for years and I'm just a sissy coffee drinker. But I'm a proud, sissy coffee drinker. Int. Delight Cinnabon creamer is the best thing ever.

@teamtuck sounds tasty!
Hey, you like what you like. Nothing wrong with that!

@groovestomp We eat one meal a day with a few small snacks and couldn't be happier with the results.

@groovestomp That sounds like normal "I don't have to go to work today" schedule to me!

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