Going to hand in my work laptop this morning!
Two awesome outcomes here:
- No more Apple products.
- No more work.

@groovestomp join, we already have some customers and market validation.

@jonn 😁
I really appreciate the suggestion, but the plan is to enjoy some time off then focus on writing emulators, playing with FreeRTOS and doing these online embedded ARM programming courses I bought.

@groovestomp RTOSes are fun. I can introduce you to Peer Stritzinger of

He's really cool and perhaps you can get some coin for your passion via him :)

@groovestomp ew, I just now realised how weird word "coin" sounds in 2k22 :D

@jonn Ha ha. I immediately thought you were talking about a cryptocurrency-based compensation.

@groovestomp Congratulations! What's your next adventure? :)

Also what's your preferred platform and hardware maker? I switched my personal laptop to Lenovo last year and have been super delighted thus far.

@feoh Thanks! Time off is the immediate adventure. I've got bad burnout from an extremely poorly fitting role. 😅

I've been using some distribution of Linux or another as my main OS for 15 years now, but recently got Windows 10 reinstalled because I'm heavy into sim racing and while it was technically workable in Linux with Wine and Proton, there were just too many caveats.

I'm shooting for firmware development, so whatever platform is best supported for the common tools there.

@feoh I bought a System76 Oryx Pro several years back, and it's been rock solid. It's what I'm using as my gaming machine now, in fact.

@groovestomp I really admire everything about that company and have no regrets on buying the Thelio despite some of the issues I've had with it.

I need to devote the time to seriously running the problems down and working with their support.

@groovestomp That's awesome! I'm very sorry to hear about the burn-out. I've experienced this myself and it is decidedly no fun. Enjoy your time off, and I hope you can find ways to spend that time that will help you heal!

#selfcare is SO important!

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