As for tarmack racers:
I've been playing a lot of R3E, AMS2 and RF2 lately. rFactor2 is the best. It also happens to be the most expensive when you look at the DLC it offers; but I guess those two are often correlated. 🙂

RF2 has some free mods; but IMO the vast majority are nowhere near as good as the official 1st-party stuff. I even have a high quality paid 3rd party mod and it does not really compare with the 1st-party stuff.

Have you been playing BeamNG.Drive?

@groovestomp yes, beamng is amazing and we can do anything from tarmac to rally there

@groovestomp re: the rest. It's ok that stuff is expensive, as long as we have people of comparable skill to race against without them punting us :)

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