I really hope that is not true,
But something tells me it is...



Wow the second piece of #JewHate I've seen out of Germany today!

Germans, please start speaking out loudly and publicly about this.

@emacsen @groovestomp Jeez, you pop up every time something antisemitic appears on Fedi. It's like your main purpose for existing: being offended on behalf of all Jews.

@groovestomp I have real mixed feelings about this. I don't doubt that that happened to him. It sucks, it's not okay, and SUSE needs to fix that 5 years ago.

But also, Bryan is guilty of discrimination himself. He being transphobic and all.

@redeagle @groovestomp While I totally understand the sentiment, as his inconsiderate words in the past have maddened me and hurt many others, please don't turn this into a discussion about his ethics.

The matter at hand has to be discussed, as an example of #antisemitism and #discrimination in a well-known tech company.
It does not matter at all, who it is that raised the concerns, if there is clear evidence.

@redeagle @groovestomp Listing what the affected person or victim, might have done wrong in the past, should not be discussed in the light of a probably completely unrelated scandal.
I'm not a fan of his and will gladly discuss the things he has done wrong in the past at another point, but please do consider that whataboutism and putting blame on the victim might not be the right response to the raised issue

@totoroot @redeagle @groovestomp I think the key is "if there is clear evidence". A narcissist who thinks they created the best Linux advertising campaigns ever, was the go to guy at the whole company, that 2 bosses were asked because of him, while he was a more important asset to the company than anyone else, might have a skewed view on actual events.


I would find the most capable, cut throat, Jewish attorney with a reputation for going for the throat of one's enemies to deal with suing SUSE. Any suggestions as to whom that attorney should be?

@groovestomp I do not agree with a lot of what #BryanLunduke has published over the years, even though I consumed a lot of his content when I started using Linux in 2015
In fact he was one reason why my first Linux distro was #OpenSUSE

What seems to have happend at around that time to him and many others at #SUSE is absolutely harrowing
That #antisemitism is still present each and every day, in countries like #Germany and #Austria no less, is fucking saddening

Just FYI, I was born and raised in Austria and while I am mostly not personally affected, as I am a white, cis male with loads of privileges, I find it essential to be mindful of and discuss issues of antisemitism and discrimination of any kind.
Especially in tech and IT I think a lot can be improved upon and in countries like Germany and Austria with a grim history, people should no less know about the consequences of their discriminatory actions

@totoroot ditto. Even as an atheist, this makes me very upset. I don't understand the hatred 😞


really sorry to read this

this probably explains why Lunduke is such a tool

reaction dives within your soul and then it acts somewhere else and makes you a reactionary

@groovestomp @jeffcliff Looks like RHEL is the only commercial option left. Lets see how long before IBM kills it.

@groovestomp oh, that's hard. Especially hard to hear from a company which is dedicated to Open Source and Linux software. Sad!

@groovestomp on top of SuSE behaving like assholes, let me ask: wtf, that crap distro still around?!

@groovestomp SUSE's approach is impossible. Either all religious holidays in a company are taken into account or none at all. But to exclude holidays of a single religious community is totally wrong. That is discrimination. Then SUSE should not allow any Christian holidays either.

@necrosis @groovestomp They only wish happy holidays on Twitter. Also if that would be true then Matthew Johns didn't get the memo in 2019 apparently: suse.com/c/review-suse-enterpr

@necrosis @groovestomp Don't hold me to this but I bet most Western companies that post about Christian holidays (esp. Christmas) don't even talk about Muslim holidays, not to mention about minority (i.e. not marketable) religions/communities.

@groovestomp It's so embarrassing, especially as a German. I just can't and don't want to believe that something like this still happens these days - in Germany or anywhere else in the world. I always found the IT scene in particular to be mind-open and tolerant. But as an old white German man, you usually don't notice these injustices unless you know someone to whom something like this happened. Anyone who treats others like this is (excuse the choice of words) human scum.

This sounds really severe. And I have absolutely no reason to think Lunduke is making up anything.

@groovestomp I mean, if I wanted to manage someone out of my company.... 🤷

He put up with a lot of crap when most people would have left long before. Something sounds off about this.

"including what I perceived as threats from their lawyers" is not the same as "including threats from their lawyers". There's some arse covering there.

@groovestomp am not saying it's cool, no one should have to deal with crap like that.

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