Looks like my home server is not resilient to a power cycle.

@emacsen I have done zero investigation. It might be the dynamic DNS script I have running failing again.

@groovestomp That could mean a lot of things! :-)
Toasted p/s?
You ran a service, but forgot to put it in sysctrl/init?
fs is munched?
Bios wasn't set to restart?

@gemlog The Pine64 seems fine and I can connect via SSH; but I'm sorting out dns nameserver issues.
It seems like dns name resolution only works when I set my nameserver to I tried setting google and opendns nameservers and they fail to resolve... 🤔

@gemlog With each http request seems to take a *long* time. Several seconds. I'm not sure if this is a result of the nameserver or what.

I used to mess with dnscrypt; but AFAICT I don't have that configured on here.

@groovestomp Aha! It was the uncommitted changes guess :-)
I pull that shit all the time!

@gemlog OK, so it was a broken pihole install. I forgot I had tried installing it some time ago, and there was something I couldn't sort out in the config. I had disabled it, but upon reboot it just started back up again.
I've removed it entirely until I can dedicate some time to figuring it out.

Also my ddclient script didn't work as expected. 😆 I apparently had to manually restart the unit??

Now I *think* I just need to wait for my dns ttl to expire for my website to be available again. 🤔

@gemlog Ah, yep; website is available again as soon as I finished that response. 😛

@groovestomp It's nice to know others pull the same stupid shit :-)
Mind you, I never did this kind of thing with real servers. Just my own toy servers that I have these days.
Mind you, one time (back in rhel4 days!) I remember I forgot to save my fw rules and got a real surprise after a restart when my logging monitor was spinning red like an insane fruit machine in vegas! :-)
To be fair, that box had an uptime in excess of 1100 days...

@gemlog oh man, If I tried the shit I pull on a corporate prod server...

@groovestomp I hear you bud :-)
A few months ago I destroyed an install like 5-6 times in one day messing around on a vps in germany. I've never done that for real. Never.
About 10 years ago I did force some unfortunate retro 'updates' on my own box and needed to re-install, but it was a known risk and kind of on purpose. Sorta.
OK, dumb choice one morning :-)

@gemlog Ha ha. We all get those. So long as we don't make it a habit... 😄

@groovestomp Yeah - too much work putting everything back together - even with good backups and notes.
So, just chilling or planning?
Or just playing :-)

@gemlog Well... I did something stupid. I was replacing a power outlet and I didn't shut off the breaker. 😮 After it exploded, I shut off ALL the breakers. 🙃

@groovestomp Yep! is up. Still seems weird seeing my name all over the place.
I put up a wordpress site just to play with a mastodon plugin, but I couldn't make either one I tried work at all.

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