Who's a midlife skater Dad?

I've been catching the skateboarding bug recently and am thinking of getting back into it. I was never good, but there's no time like the present! And I can learn with my kids.

@groovestomp I was just talking to my wife about that last week. Not sure if I'd get back into it personally, but you totally should give it a go. When I got older as a kid, I started rollerblading instead (still do a couple of times a year).

What got me thinking about it, was seeing people my age on boards while I'm out on my runs. I think it's awesome they're still going. Don't see a lot of kids boarding anymore in this city, just a small following at a skateboard park down the street 😄

@JSkier There are so many skate parks here. Every time we go to soccer and there's a park there I just want to watch 'em! When we're walking down the seawall and I see the skaters at the park there, same thing. 🙂

@groovestomp Still fun to watch indeed 🙂 Seems like I cringe more than I did when I was 16 watching them 😄

Wearing a helmet and pads helps a lot. I started wearing them during the pandemic, and I greatly appreciate being able to land on my knees and barely feel it + not suffer for days from pain and needing to not skate to recover. (Not-skating is pain!)

@bthall I am definitely captain safety in that regard!
I think my fear of getting hurt by hard concrete and pointy ledges really held back my skill development all those years.

Me too, to a larger extent than I'd realized. Have you tried pads or a helmet?

@bthall Now that I think about it, no. Just a helmet.
I wore pads for biking, but maybe wrist guards at most when skating.
I will definitely be wearing pads now. 🙂


*looks around and raises hand slowly*

I still skate around the driveway and can still pull off the occasional kick flip. I’ve actually been thinking of setting a goal to actually drop into a quarter pipe this month. In all of my years of skating I always did it on the street so didn’t get much time with ramps and such. But as a nearly 40 year old…I’m thinking there is no better time than now to do it 😂🤣 I did however buy a helmet, cause I need my brain now.

Oh yeah i got a nice board and went to a tiny park, realized i can handle flat and not fall over just fine but even a small drop in? yeah out goes the board and my helmet-protected skull slapped the concrete. Decided it wasn't meant to be.

@feld @groovestomp lol, will probably be me. I WAS able to handle stairs, benches, and curbs of varying heights. But now I bitch out just doing an olly up a curb to a sidewalk most times. So yeah, we’ll see how this drop in works for me 🤕😂🤣😅

@Clifford I've always skated street, but I think I would have enjoyed vert more.

I finally learned how to do kickflips in my early 30s. 😆 Although I did the classic mistake of learning stationary and then it didn't translate to rolling. 🤪

@groovestomp yeah, street was my jam. Kick flip was absolutely the last thing I learned and even then I’m only hitting it 1 out of 10 times I bet.

@groovestomp me. I never stopped skateboarding, but my oldest is getting into it and I love to see him learning. And everytime I fall he runs to check if I'm ok 😍

@badsirbrian That's awesome, thanks for following up!
If nothing else, your response clearly illustrated to me that there is way more bloat than I was accounting for (thanks operating systems!), but also that where I chose to draw the line is very arbitrary.

I'm not a dad, but maybe "dad aged"? I started skating about 5 years ago. I'm now 36.

When I was a kid I was always on inline skates. I never got the guts to do a drop-in but I could get air over the rim of a half-pipe.

Now I use a board mostly as transport and love it! I want to do tricks, but I'm too scared... I sprained my ankle when I failed trying to skate off a curb (lift the front wheels at the right moment and drop down). I couldn't walk for 3 days!

I still want to learn to ollie. Maybe could do with some knee pads, but mostly I think I need a good place to practice and maybe a regular buddy to go with 🤔

@kingannoy I know this feeling! I jabbed my ankle yesterday doing a failed Ollie. Hurt quite nicely for a bit.

I fully intend to pad up and hit the pump track and snake bowl. Might even try a street park. For now, though, I'll probably stick to the parking pad in the back and skating to and at the local playgrounds when I take the kids.

I should probably look up what is even available around me! I think a pump track would be a lot of fun, without too much danger. A snakebowl sounds like fun too, but would require pads and a helmet 😃

I only know about a small park around here, and without kids of my own to use as a excuse, I feel a bit awkward going there with all the teens that are 100x better then me 😅

@kingannoy Oh man do I know that feeling. I picked up a BMX in my early/mid 30s and felt very awkward at the local skate park with all those tweens and terns around.

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