In the spirit of living a good life and focusing on relationships and culture, I have decided that I must buy a good arcade fight stick and a proper sim racing rig.
I am sure these will help me with my goals and lead to a much more enriching life.

@groovestomp Nobody on their deathbed ever said "I wish I spent more time with people instead of playing videogames."

@gemlog LOL. Yes. However, she does not know of this plan. (Yet.)

@groovestomp mmh, I think you didn't play modern games (<=10y).

you will get fast annoyed by updates, lockdown (account for each platform) and windows.

Gaming on Windows is already a mess (really, gamers don't how a system should behave), so don't expect it to be better - beside indie games - on Linux.

ultra connected consoles suxx too.

indie(no drm)/retro gaming might be a good idea, so hope it's your thing.

@charlie_root I've been an avid gamer most of my life, and for PC exclusively on Linux for 5 years now. Wine + DXVK + Proton really have changed the game IMO. It's not perfect (just ask @jonn about my struggles with Richard Burns' Rally) but it is pretty amazing where things are at these days.

I've been playing Assertion Corsa, Dirt Rally 2.0, Overload and Descent 1+2.

@charlie_root @jonn I gave up on keeping up with consoles during the 7th gen (PS3/360). That's when I started buying used. I got my first PS3 in 2016 and I have nothing newer than that.
I have a modded Nintendo DS, modded PS2, modded PS Vita, 2 PS3s, an Xbox 360 and a modded Wii.

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