I'm thinking of starting a fitness microgemlog and a cooking microgemlog.
What is this, some kind of manic phase or something?
Or maybe it's just that thing where doing one thing sufficiently feels good and sparks the desire to do MOAR! MOAR!!!

@groovestomp I might be completely wrong, but gemlogs feel better suited for mid-large sized blogs. Since gemini is so unintrusive and non-addictive, people check those kind of consciously, with a deliberation, which tends to work better with at least a page of content or so.

I think your diary is perfectly sized.

@groovestomp I would even say that mixing different subjects into a single weekly post makes for a fun reading.

@groovestomp I'm almost done with my work btw. ;) How's the deployment?

@jonn Looks like it got pushed to 13:00 PST.
That leaves a good period from roughly 11:00 PST until 12:30 PST ish.

@groovestomp awesome, I'll be ready in an hour. Don't plan to go out pr anything this time!

@groovestomp ok, I just pushed the code and connecting the wheel 🎉

@groovestomp sent invite to a 6 laps → 2 short stages → 6 laps

@groovestomp gonna stream Latvia and Quebec and then switch to RBR practice.

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