I'll start with The Natural Way to Paint. I've always felt like my colour skills were far underdeveloped compared with my drawing skills, and I've never really done watercolour.

I'll concurrently read On Writing to help spur my mind for creative writing.

Hop. I am bad for split focus... I'm also listening to Dune Messiah and reading The Wheel of Time book 1.
On Writing will slide when time inevitably gets tight and I have to choose.

@groovestomp Not kidding about multi-tasking! I'm the kind of person to tell others: "I hate a todo list with just a single item, let alone more!"

@kensanata LOL. I think there's some comfort in being able to switch tasks if you get stuck or need a change of pace. I think I Haven't been appreciative enough of that. But there's certainly a balance of some sort to strive for. 🙂

@groovestomp I will concede that there is also peace to be found in the fact that one can do many things that in the job world require specialists to do. I can write a little book, illustrate it, edit it, do layout, publish it; I can record some stuff, edit it, prepend some self-made music jingle, and publish a podcast episode. I love that. But in a way it also sets my brain on fire, I guess. So much stuff to dooooo.
I an ironic twist, I'm reading "How to do nothing" at the moment.

@kensanata Thanks, that's a thoughtful reply.
Yet another book to read... 🙂 Ha ha, but I appreciate it!

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