I've been doing CaliMove's mobility program for about three months now, and their Calisthenics Level 3 program for about 1.5.
Both are great and I would strongly recommend them.
The mobility program in particular is fantastic and I love how it's affected me.

I'm up to free standing hand stands for ~4s right now; from absolutely zero handstand ability prior. Also doing typewriter pullups, archer pushups and other fun variations on standard movements.

@Pendragon Thanks!
I am really appreciating the impact on how I feel. I think this is a better way to work out than the weightlifting/strength training I was doing before.

@groovestomp I understand that Calimove is an exercise program, but how is it provided to you? Online course? Book? App?

@groovestomp This is super interesting and impressive! I’m looking at the to learn more about it. Wow.

@KolokokoBird I've been very impressed with their stuff.
I recommend looking at their material on Youtube. There's lots of free stuff there you can try out to see if you like their approach or not.
I started doing a combination of some of their mobility videos on Youtube for several weeks before deciding to buy their mobility program; and then after doing that for a few weeks I decided to buy the calisthenics level 3 program after having been interested for a while.

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