I've been playing a lot of racing games lately. Forza Motorsport 4, Gran Turismo 6, GT 4 and GT 2.

FM4 is fantastic. An absolutely stellar game. I greatly enjoy playing it.

GT6 seems alright. It's not as good as FM4, but it's good.

GT2 is frustrating to play. It feels inconsistent in terms of whether it wants to be sim or arcade.

GT4 feels like GT2 refined. It is far more enjoyable to play, but hadn't yet hit the peaks of GT6 or FM4. Still missing some sim-isms.

@groovestomp I had a lot of fun with Gran Turismo 1-4. I'm less into sim racers now for some reason but I did love the GT games back then. I'm more of a destruction or cart racer enthusiast currently :).

@groovestomp Actually, it makes more sense as I think about it. Being younger and more into cars in real life surely had somethign to do with it.

@groovestomp I've heard good things about the Forza series but have never tried them. I think becaus they aren't on Sony consoles correct?

@kelbot Correct. That's Microsoft's flagship racing series to compete with GT.
IMO it is superior; but I grant that it probably boils down to a lot of personal factors.
GT started it all; gotta give it props for that!
The first Forza didn't come out until the Xbox; that would have been GT3 or later. So they had lots of inspiration to pull from. 🙂

@groovestomp I see. Yeah I've just never been into Xbox so never tried it and loved GT so had no desire to really. Good for Xbox people that they have a really good racer though! There is a pretty good GT on PSP. The racing and everything is good but it doesn't have the career mode stuff which is kind of a bummer.

@kelbot Yeah, I've got it. I've been playing it and GT2 on the Vita. The Vita is not a great experience for it, though; because the joystick is so tiny. Obviously also no ability to connect a racing wheel. 🙂

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