Well that's cool.

So we have this ancient Ruby app. We have a docker image built for it that's 2 years old.
Several of the gems are no longer available at the specified versions, so building locally no longer works.

Well, I grabbed all the gems from the image and put them in our artifact repository. I modified the docker build to unpack those locally then install.


@groovestomp I have a legacy Ruby on Rails app that I still use internally that's running on Ubuntu 12.04. If I upgrade the Ubuntu install, it breaks the app. I think it is an apache problem, but I'm not well versed in RoR apps.

Would like to get it working with lighttpd web server instead.

Do you think that's doable? Would you be available for consulting or remote work on something like this?

Low budget, as I have no pressing need to change but would be better to have migrated.

@retroedgetech Wow, that's quite old. Our Rails app here is Ubuntu 14 and I'm leery about upgrading things there will-nilly; especially given the lack of QA resources.

I guess it depends on how complex the Rails app is and what kind of testing needs to be done.
With absolutely zero knowledge of the incidentals, I'd say it's doable.

I'm not keen for consulting or contracting, but if you have no timeline and no expectations of results, I'd be happy to take a look.

@groovestomp Good to hear. Let's talk more next week.

I'd like to try to do it on my own, but would be great to have someone to ask questions of if I get stuck or hire it out if it's not that big of a thing.

I think it's a pretty basic app. sqlite database, was originally done by a student and we just kept using it.

Have a good weekend and talk with you more later.

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