I watch the Casey Muratori AMA. I have mixed thoughts on it, but overall I found it insightful, as Muratori and his cohorts often are.

One thing it did was made me really realize that I enjoy writing software far more than using software. I don't actually like using software for the most part; but I really, really like writing code to solve problems.

I'm actually leaning towards refocusing on C++ despite all the warts because I think there are more opportunities to do interesting work.


One thing he specifically mentions is eliminating the entirety of userspace and relying only on the kernel and the io_uring interface for his program he wants to deploy.

I really like this idea, even though I don't know enough to talk about that particular implementation.

Ideally my program runs with as few dependencies and restrictions as possible. To me this is a super attractive idea; and from this perspective an "operating system" is completely antagonistic.

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