I think at this point I should trust my instincts a little more.
I did a stint in "leadership" and a couple months in I *knew* it wasn't working.
I rode it out for 10 months, but the entire time it was a struggle. There's a real possibility it was just the circumstances of that job, but it was clear that leadership at that time was not a good fit.

When I left that company and returned to a high-level programming role, I knocked it out of the park.


I look back on that year as the most productive year of my career where I was fully engaged, and I made great progress on personal programming projects as well.

And this was not even using my preferred technology stack.

I'm over a year into this current role now, and it has never given me a sense of joy and it has always been a struggle.

It seems pretty clear to me that I should refocus on what has worked and what I feel good doing.

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Further to this, when I reviewed C++ at the end of 2020 and started interviewing for jobs utilizing that language; I felt energized and hopeful. I haven't felt that since.

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