It looks like my sourdough starter is coming along nicely today!

Wow! Looks perfect. @askans was kind enough to invest a lot of time instructing me. I was sure I followed everything exactly and my starter looked like yours. Sadly, my 100% rye flour and no yeast was even rejected by my local crows. My friend who bakes a Lot of bread (she has a commercial mixer in her kitchen) says she adds some yeast. IDK. I have not tried a 3rd time yet. Maybe the rye flour in germany is different somehow. The water? The air yeast?

@gemlog @askans Thanks! It grew to about three times the original size.
I'm doing rye, but all the recipes I've seen so far have roughly 2/3 - 3/4 white flour with the remainder being whole wheat or rye or whatever, so mostly it's all purpose white flour.

I think I've narrowed the parameter affecting oven spring the most down to using convection when baking, but we will see about that tomorrow!

@gemlog @askans Last week's loaf didn't get the iconic ear, but it sprung alright otherwise and still tastes great!

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