Day 1 of progressing toward barefoot running.
I tried cold turkey and my calves have not been happy with that. My physio has me on a progression plan that I'm excited to he executing on!

@groovestomp totally naked feet, or running sandals, or barefoot shoes (who ever thought of this name)?
(I’m using running sandals since 2015.)

@kensanata So far just "minimal" shoes. Not even zero drop. But I want to work my way to barefoot shoes (yes, silly name) or maybe running sandals! I'll survey as I progress. Once I'm solid with my current shoes then I can consider next progression. :-)

@groovestomp When I switched in 2015 I made a complete switch, but then I also had to restart from nearly zero… made easy by the fact that my wife had just started running and so I could run her distances and not overextend myself. It was a very slow start. Oh those poor calves. 😆

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