I wouldn't normally consider diabetes, wrinkles, venerial infections or eye problems to be benefits!

@groovestomp 14. Eat wasp eggs, because there are wasp species adapted to only pollinate/nest in figs.

@mdhughes @groovestomp Generally the farmed figs are artificially pollinated. No wasps inside.

@AgreeableLandscape @groovestomp But I want the wasps! Extra protein!

… In practice, naturally-fertilized figs usually don't have any wasps still in them, the babies hatch & leave before it's ripe and the female's corpse is digested by the fig. But you can get an unlucky crunchy fig.

@mdhughes @groovestomp Funny story, this came up in a discussion in my environmental class on whether figs are vegan. Consensus: the ones at the store probably are, wild ones are not.

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