WTF is this?!?!?!

"Constituted in the decadent wake of mass transition to remote-working propelled by COVID-19, eI-2O3O is an interim, for-community-good, peer task force of ardent proponents for healthier computing practices."

🤯 😍

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That looks like a cute idea, but OOF. I say OOF that paper is hard to read.

They have a plain HTML link ("for e-readers", or anyone else with eyes) on the top of the article, but wouuuuch

@MutoShack Ha ha ha. Yes, it is a bit of an eyesore. I personally find it fun and full of characters, but I do not at all disagree with it being more difficult to read.


I feel like the idea is cute, but there's *something* about the text width, or spacing, or colour, or rendering of the font that makes it hard for me.

The double-layered 3D effect for bold text is ok but kinda weird, especially considering there's already so much noise.

The font on the second page is weird too. It looks like a dynamic font, but dynamically-resized fonts usually do well with anti-aliasing (or maybe just hinting?), which isn't being done, I don't think.

Zooming in, it looks like it's also trying to look like newsprint. It's a design choice that, IMO, only belongs on headers.

My conspiracy theory is that they're trying to make your eyes hurt in order to sell their pitch a bit harder.

I am absolutely the "No fun allowed!" type of person, but I'm working on it, haha!

@MutoShack Yeah, it's bad. To be honest, I didn't look that closely at the document. I read blurbs here or there; but now that you've pointed all this out, I can't help but see all those issues at the same time. 😄


I'm not a designer, so it's hard to pinpoint these things...

One last thing is this line height. I feel like... There is nearly /no/ spacing between the lines?

For example, "Rapidally" and "Medical" are literally touching in this section:


That being said, I don't want to invalidate these guys based on marketing. The idea sounds cute (from what I managed to read) and I'm sure they're more focused on their main work than they are with "which font to choose", haha!

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