Actual writing today!
Did about 250 words and moved on to something else. Not sure if that idea will go anywhere.

Second attempt I got about 650 words and it flowed much better. I'll continue that one next time. Enjoying it so far!

It's a joy to have a low powered laptop with no internet connection, full screen Emacs and disable-truncate-lines turned on.

@steinarb Org-mode. I'm not taking advantage of it much yet (just 900 words!) But I'm planning on using linking extensively.

@groovestomp Ok.

It has been my notebook since 2010 or thereabouts, and I've tried blogging in it.

E.g. this blogpost has been written in org-mode

@joegrimer I think I need a few stories under my belt before I can attempt that! 😄

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