Brewing coffee at 15:250g coffee to water ratio seems to always taste better than 18:300g.

@groovestomp How does pourover coffee compare with other brewing methods? I have a french press, and a moka pot - and love both; but, your apparent passion for pour-over coffee has stimulated my curiosity.

@fcktheworld587 They're all different and great for different reasons. Each brew method emphasizes different attributes of the coffee and differently affects light roasts and dark roasts.

Moka pot and french press are quite different. French press is the immersion style - which I'm a big fan of. This is "cupping" is done using an immersion method - it completely removes skill from the equation and lets the coffee shine on its own.

@fcktheworld587 Moka pot is a percolation;kinda like a drip coffee, but obviously the moka style works at a higher pressure.

I don't know much about brewing coffee under pressure. I've used a manual espresso machine a bit and I've had excellent espresso... I guess you typically want a creamier texture there and more intense flavour.

In contrast, a pour-over is comparatively tea-like. Not a lot of body compared with an espresso, but when done right, the aromas and sweetness can really sing!

@fcktheworld587 I started with a V60, which is a rather challenging pourover brewer to use, I think. There are options like the Melitta, which is supposed to be brain-dead simple (pour and forget) but I haven't tried one in *many* years, so I can't vouch for the quality of coffee there.

In general, pourover tends to rely on a decent technique and careful ratios; but perhaps not significantly more so than espresso or other methods when you get deep into them.

@fcktheworld587 I still like to do a French Press on occasion. It's a good brew method. But, common knowledge of coarsely grinding probably means it often gets ground too coarsely.
If you haven't already seen it, I recommend James Hoffman's ultimate French Press

It is not the way most folks would do it.

@fcktheworld587 The thing with coffee, is you gotta prioritize it this way:

1. Beans
2. Grind
3. Brew method

And then there's the dosing and all that.

Sorry, I hope I'm not restating the obvious to you here.
I just like coffee a lot. 🙂

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