I got up at 5, then promptly went back to bed. This will take a few tries. :-|

The nice thing about writing is I don't seem to be struggling to do it. The problem is finding a consistent time to do it so I can make it habit/routine.

@groovestomp I'm wondering if you kept this up for more than a day 😳

@kai I tried the last three days, but my circadian cycle needs to normalize on it.
Last time I did 3-5 days at a specific alarm, then rolled back 15 minutes and repeated.
I started with waking up at 7, so you can calculate how long it took to get to 5am.

Today I tried to do 6 and utterly failed. :-P

@kai As for writing... I've done two days. It's really a matter of sorting out my routine!

@groovestomp the thought of getting the most important thing done first each day is incredibly appealing, but mornings are a slog on my best days. My only thought is to try a second shift job 2PM–10PM, or something like that. But then I lose evenings, concerts, dinners with friends, etc. So I'm left with whatever modest progress I can make in one hour every other night, combined with occasional weekend sprints. 😅

What a life.

@kai Pacing is huge!
We all want to do more than we have the ability to do. I think a big part of becoming wiser is understanding that and learning how to take advantage of it.

@groovestomp I'm aware that if it were too easy, it wouldn't be any fun.

@kai What I *like* to do is try to structure my routines so I do a little bit every day.
That clearly isn't possible with the volume of things I have on the go; so I'm wondering about sharding across days of the week. I already do this to some extent; so I don't *think* it'll be a problem; but I'm hesitant for various reasons.

@groovestomp just type the first few letters of each word one day, and then go back and finish them the next… 😂

I've settled on alternating between the gym on one day and what I assume for the moment will be my future career on the other.

Weekends are a little weird where I'm not really sure if I should be working or relaxing 😅

@kai When I had my most productive year I did alternating days like you're doing now, so at least if feels good and progress is made on some axis!

@groovestomp I'm not sure I'm making progress at the gym, but at least if I go at all, I feel like I'm doing *something*

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