My barber has a '58 Seeburg jukebox with low sound output. He thinks it's not the amplifier, but maybe a transistor bulb. Does *anyone* have info that might help out? I'd love to try a repair!

@ifixcoinops He indicated this might overlap with pinball repair, so you immediately came to mind as a source of info.

@gemlog @ifixcoinops I don't know what I'm talking about! :-D

Vacuum tube I guess?

@gemlog @groovestomp Need new caps in that amp by now for sure. You'll have to pay for a service manual; they're very hard to get by any means other than paying for them, so swallow your pirate pride right from the getgo. There are no PCBs involved in this era, components are point-to-point wired and unlabelled so you kinda have to figure out what's what from the context of what it's connected to. Use painter's tape to make temporary labels, breadcrumb-like. Hydrate and breathe deep. Good luck!

@groovestomp those vacuum tubes are part of the amplifier. there are probably two stages to it; a pre-amp and a main amp.

step one is to get the model number.

step two is to get the schematics: maybe at

step three is to get a vacuum tube tester (contact your local ham radio club to borrow one!) and test the tubes...

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