The thing about programming is that the more you care about it, the harder it becomes to work with people who careless about it.
Also, the vast majority of people appear to be careless about it.

Also, the way you care about it is maybe idiosyncratic by definition? I'm not sure on that. It's certainly true for me!
It definitely seems like the things I value are incongruous with what I see every other dev in this profession prioritize.

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@kai @groovestomp I was having this conversation with a friend last night. It's more of a people thing than a profession thing. When I was a baristo I got way into coffee, and more recently I've spent a disproportionate amount of my life learning about threaded fasteners.

@MrDers @kai If only there was a group or collective of some sort where passionate, curious folks could support and encourage each other as we dive into these interests and ideally get compensated for doing so (probably as entrepreneurs or independent contractors or whatever other options there are that I'm neglecting)! :ablobcool:

@groovestomp @MrDers in my case, it's a little weird; I don't actually care about the real estate law industry as a whole, but it hurts my brain when a spreadsheet doesn't balance.

It doesn't matter to me if Sally closes on Thursday, but 2+2 better equal 4 or I'm jumping off a bridge.

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