So RiseUp and Disroot look good as email providers, but... do you have to be an activist to use RiseUp?

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@groovestomp You need to be part of a special exclusive crowd to use RiseUp, yeah.

I personally never got into that whole spiel.

There's also a cool list (and description / rundown) of email providers at:

@MutoShack I've been reading through this from your links you posted recently. :-)

I already have a Disroot account, so I s'pose I should resurrect that.


Nice! Personally I never got too deep into all that stuff; I feel like peeps can PGP me if it's sensitive information.

I care more about decentralization and low-power alternatives (which pretty much means "don't use Google", haha)

Anyway though, I hope you can find a provider that you're comfortable with! Email is important!

@MutoShack @groovestomp disroot is a good email and cloud provider. Small scale, useful for the privacy-focused.
I have found it to be a reliable cloud for syncing events/invitations, contacts, and backups. I wouldn't use it for images or music unless you keep it small. They accept donations to increase storage, tho, if you need more than the default.
Disroot is based in the Netherlands.

I have used the nextcloud client on android, Linux, and windows and found disroot's service to be sufficient for personal use.

Protonmail is also a pretty good option, but they still haven't released their .apk for fdroid if you need mobile client that is floss. Swiss based, but that isn't as strong a shield.

Riseup is technically a good option, but engineered to be difficult to join and I think is US-based, which might be something to avoid.

@groovestomp it's easy to be 'activist in something'. For example, you might be an activist that tries to change the requirement for activism at emailproviders.

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