Andy at C41 (my local coffee shop) often gives me samples to try out.
I have two samples from Rosso coffee roasters based out of Calgary, Alberta here.

I previously greatly enjoyed the Rosso roast branded as "Lover Boy."
The two I have now are the Santa Lucia and the Day Tripper.
The former is a "classical" roast - chocolately, nutty with more body and less floral tones in the aroma. I don't like it. Ha ha; not at all a surprise; but I keep testing the waters just in case.


I'm trying the Day Tripper now; it's much more in line with the kind of bean and roast I typically enjoy.
The coffee is still too hot to get a good sense of it; but so far I like it a lot more than the Santa Lucia.

The aroma is a little on the "muted" side in terms of floral or sweet tones; more chocolatey/nutty.
The flavour is nice, though; sweet; a little acidic with good body. A lingering sweetness that isn't too harsh.
I'd do it again; but it's not as good as Pallet's Ismael Hassen.

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