David Graeber says computer programmers like building libraries and "foundational" technology; but most jobs do not offer that kind of work.
So with open source software developers spend personal time writing software they find interesting.
More and more, companies leverage this open source technology, which only worsens the problem in a positive-feedback loop.

One solution here is that if you are writing software for public consumption, use viral licensing.

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@groovestomp Or: Choose not to be a virus. Choose to be the solution, not more problems.

Ironic that an opponent of the GPL would use Stallman-tier convincing to get their point across.

@groovestomp "Viral" licensing is not a good term to use, though:

Use "copyleft licensing" or something else instead.

@groovestomp For those interested in the source of this, it's from the last book of Graeber "Bullshit Jobs". Graeber interviewed someone who works on the open source at night there.

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