I am very curious about trying zucchini noodles as a replacement for wheat pasta.
I'll look for some at the grocery store today.

What are your thoughts on zucchini as a pasta replacement?

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@groovestomp if you really wanted pasta you are probably going to be disappointed, but if you want to eat "something" and that something is zucchini noodles, you will be delighted 😋

@kai yeah, I had a good talk with a buddy just now about that (and with my brother and sister-in-law earlier today).
Trying to substitute foods rarely works, but trying new foods on their own merits is good.
I was definitely approaching zucchini noodles with the wrong mindset.

@groovestomp @kai
This is something I really dislike about alternative diet fads, the way people try to dress up one food to look like a different food in a futile effort to "trick" themselves into liking it.

Californians with tofu are worst offenders for this. Tofu isn't a meat substitute for God's sake, it's a coagulated soy milk. Put that shit in some soup or something, don't make a burger patty out of it!

But yeah on their own merits zucchini noodles are pretty good.


I tried zucchini noodles a few times. they can be really good but I prefer more nutricious pasta....Like whole grain or lentil pasta.

What did you eat with your z-noodles? What sauce? I'm curious 😁

@TFG Haven't tried it yet.
I didn't find any at the grocery store and I didn't want to spring for a spiralizer without trying them first.
I have some kohlrabi noodles I might cook up tonight. I'll probably just fry and service with parmesan and cherry tomatoes.

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