I want an RSS aggregator.
I want to be able to specify my RSS feeds in a config file.
It should output one plain text file per article.
One new output file should indicate whether a given article has been read or not.
I'm pretty sure nothing like this exists already?

My plan is to sync the files across devices with syncthing and have a client-only renderer. Maybe just output an html index file; I dunno; that's for later.

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@Sabex I agree.

If it already exists in some form I'll use that; but maybe I have a little project now.

@groovestomp @selea yep, that’s a thing I’m already planning to make for myself as a technical exercise some time in the next few weeks as I was also surprised nothing like that exists.

I had originally planned to use it as an opportunity to refresh my C# knowledge, but if it’s something other people would find useful I’ll pick a more “blessed” technology stack.

(@brainblasted has been trying to convince me to learn GTK-RS so I can help him with Glimpse NX, so that’s an option)

@pcouy Thanks!
I'm going to check this out!
I know Suckless get some flak, but I think dmenu is one of the best pieces of software I've ever used.

@groovestomp @pcouy i like suckless, i've been running the same compile of dwm for like 8 years

@groovestomp should be simple enough to build, i have some idea. are you posting a bounty?

@fluffy no, gauging whether I should reinvent the wheel here. :-)

@groovestomp I don't know if that specific app exists, but it should be fairly trivial to write. Your config file would be an OPML feed, output could be markdown files with a bit of frontmatter for the meta data.

But what problem are you trying to solve, and might a web-based feed reader a simpler (because existing) solution?

@doenietzomoeilijk I agree - I don't think this is complicated to write.

I was thinking of this while setting up a web-based feed reader.

There is considerably more effort involved in setting up all the incidental dependencies than just doing the thing I want.

I'm planning to run this on a Pine64 board.

I might end up with them running there for some reason eventually, but I'd rather postpone that until doing so solves a particular problem I'm having, and not incidentally.

@groovestomp so what triggered you to investigate this route, rather than just going with the web based one? Missing functionality, lack of nifty factor, "because I can"?

@doenietzomoeilijk it's what I was saying - I have a bare Pine64 with nothing installed on it yet.

I don't _enjoy_ configuring web servers and this specific problem doesn't appear to inherently require doing so; other than most of the solutions requiring the user to do so.

maildir or sfeed might do the trick; I will have to investigate.

@groovestomp oh, maildir is actually clever. I thought it needed index files but it turns out it doesn't. And the individual files are eml files so that takes care of titles and dates.

I like!

@groovestomp not exactly as you described, but Maildir works similar with a single file per mail and the location in a very simple file tree indicating wether it already has been read. I'd not be surprised if there already where RSS2Maildir converters since there definitly are RSS2Email ones.

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