Man, the PinePhone sounds awesome!
Does anyone have one? What do you think?
I don't have much time for tinkering - is it possible to have it functioning as a phone with little to no hassle?


It's the one Pinexxx I don't have.

Understand that all the products are intended for tinkerers, not "consumers".

That said, I've enjoyed fiddling with them as a guide to a more open future.

@Algot yeah, I've read the disclaimer. I don't know how to gauge my scale of "tinkeriness" against theirs. 🙂

I've self-hosted all the standard Google stuff except email, I've written emulators for fun, I've built my own keyboard, I've installed Replicant on my Android phones and run stock Android with GSF disabled and firewalled - is that enough?

I'll bite the bullet at some point - more a question of when.
No harm in waiting I s'pose. 😉


Frankly, you sound more prepared for the Pinexxx experience than I am.

My excuse is retirement, not skills.

@Algot how is retirement an excuse? Don't you have more time for this kind of fun now? 🙂


That's exactly it.

I have a few spare hours and fiddle a little here and then a little there, and imagine I can add my limited perspective when I ask a question on IRC or a forum.

Unfortunately, it is a VERY spotty effort. I have not developed a good focus on any one retirement hobby.

Any glance at my web site will show how fragmented my interests are.

@Algot I've suffered from this fractured focus most of my life. Ironically, lack of time due to parenthood has helped me develop coping strategies.
Even with that, there are ebbs and flows; so some periods are much more fruitful than others. I'm in a bit of a lull at the moment, trying to claw my way out. 🙂

@groovestomp No, everything I've read says it's a developer-focused preview product that requires a lot of tinkering.

@groovestomp It looks like it's usable to a geek for sure and maybe to a normal person just lately.
You want to check in on guys like @linmob @kelbot

@gemlog @groovestomp @linmob
Kind of a tough question to answer. For the "average" somewhat tech savvy person I would say its not there yet. From the sounds of your skill set and experience I think you could probably be fine using it without too much hassle...depending on your needs/expectations for what it should be able to do. If you do get one I would plan on a few hours at least initially getting a feel for it and trying some of the various OS options.

OK. Let me rephrase the question.
Would you give it to your grandmother or auntie who already knew cell phones?
How far away in time?
Would that change if you got to set it up for them first?

@groovestomp @linmob

No, I probably wouldn't give it to my non-tech savvy family member. The basic functionality is very nearly there but still enough bugs that I would not put it in their hands yet.

PS. I was referring to @groovestomp with my comments ;)

Thank you very much for all the info you guys have been posting.
I could just barely afford one of these things, but the real reason I need to know is for friends. I don't care about a phone.
I just saw groovestomp say it was a year away!
Well, I will have enough to buy one in december and I think i'll do it anyhow! :-)
Will I be able to recommend it to others...? Well. groovestomp may still be right! :-)

@gemlog @kelbot @linmob my guess is that is at least a year away.

I may end up splurging on one before too long in hopes of helping to further the cause.

No better way to contribute than to try to use something and run into an issue doing so, then resolve that issue!

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