hi im grits :) usa, she/her
i like bugs and shiny things and good craftsmanship
but most of all i love computers and i write software for a living so that's lucky i suppose :)

i also love languages (like, human ones, not just programming languages!) and im learning german and korean so if you speak either of those please help me learn! and forgive my terrible grammar :o

anyway feel free to chat w me im just here for the vibes heh

@grits Hallo Grits, schön, daß du da bist. Ich heiße Thomas, stamme aus Deutschland, und lebe seit 2007 in Dänemark. Wenn du Fragen zur deutschen Sprache hast, feel free 😁🙏

@toooobeeee Hallo Thomas! Vielen Dank, und schön, dich kennenzulernen :) :) Ich hab nie nach Dänemark gegangen, aber es sieht sehr schön aus! :o

@grits Du bist nie in Dänemark gewesen? Da hast du was versäumt 😁
Du liebst Käfer, glänzende Dinge und gutes Handwerk? Spannend! Was gefällt dir daran?
Ja, Sprachen sind eine sehr interessante Angelegenheit. Welche Programmiersprachen beherrschst du? Ich habe auch viele Jahre programmiert, meistens in Visual Basic, Delphi, PHP.
Die dänische Sprache ist auch sehr schön, sie hat viele kleine Feinheiten und Wendungen; mit relativ wenigen Worten kann man viel ausdrücken :ablobsmile:

@toooobeeee Oh!! Die dänische Sprache scheint schwer, hahaha :')
Ich habe vor ein paar Jahre Visual Basic benutzt, aber jetzt benutze ich meistens C#, JS, und manchmal Python. Neuerdings habe ich von Rust gehört - viele Leute lieben es anscheinend, und ich bin neugierig :o
Ich liebe Käfer, am liebsten Spinnen 🕷️❤️ Aber ich weiß, dass Spinnen sind nicht so beliebt;;;
Und was machst du gern? Filme und Musik? Was für Filme siehst du gern denn? :)

@grits English is my first language as well. I personally recommend learning the consonants Hangul, then the vowels. This will serve your purpose greater than any of the apps. Already know English gives you a huge advantage at learning Hangul. Once you learn the consonants, I've notice it transfers over to Chinese and Japanese pretty easily.

@HSK4096 thank you for the advice!! to be honest i have much more trouble with listening than reading, and it's indeed those dang consonants!! they sound so similar to me 😭

@grits welcome! I am currently writing software for a living too :)

I'm learning Japanese through Duolingo and though I don't know many other languages, I have picked up quite a few Indian scripts (I'm from India) which means I can read things aloud even if I don't understand them :P

I'm also into books and bullet journals and everything non-digital; one of my friends told me I'm the digital and yet non-digital person she's met! I guess I try to optimise the digital so I need less of it

@badrihippo oh my goodness gracious YES duolingo is such a ~*godsend*~
which indian language(s) are you learning? ive heard there are many but i don't know much about the details and im curious! :o

there really is something about analog media isn't there? i was at a notary the other day and she busted out this old school ink stamp to stamp the paper documents and it made me Feel Things. but what is a bullet journal? is that related to those journals with dots instead of lines?

@grits duolingo, yes! I'm only learning Japanese though.

I know how to read the letters in Tamil, Kannada, and (kind of) Marathi/Hindi and Assamese/Bengali. Those weren't through Duolingo though; apart from Tamil which my grandmother taught me I picked them up through notices, song books, and road signs! 😉

Unfortunately I don't know how to speak the languages (except Tamil) so my reading is mainly helpful for shop and bus signs, if anything 😅

@badrihippo wh-- song books and road signs?? that is so hardcore 😧
that's amazing tho a+++ language goals wah

@grits hehe thank you 😅

It was pretty unintentional. For Devnagari (the Marathi/Hindi script), there were school assembly songs written in that script, so I kinda picked up there. That and Tamil (which I already knew) served as a starting point for figuring out other scripts, since though they look very different there are many similarities in they way they're structured (such as adding a modifier line to consonants to make vowel sounds).

I've always been into weird scripts, so that helped! 🤪

@grits analog rocks!

A bullet journal or #BuJo is a minimal journaling concept: the idea is to make bullet points for each item, but different kinds depending on what kind of item it is.

To-do lists are a dot which you can then cross off; small circles are for events, and a dash is for random notes. The idea is to just write one line for each point so you can quickly brain dump. Of course, people have added on many creative techniques.

I'll see if I can dig up better examples tomorrow!

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