Biggest improvement to my i3 config recently:

bindsym $mod+p exec --no-startup-id "cmus-remote -u"

Pause and play music using a keyboard shortcut.

Today I took the back brakes of my bike apart and found a load of gunk inside! They had been getting very sticky, but after cleaning them up they work great.

I should probably do the front ones some time soon too.

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Video games have so much untapped potential. You could almost literally have the players walk a mile in another's shoes. It's a shame that the industry is an echo chamber, taking inspiration only from itself, leading to mass production of "It's like X, but with Y" games. "But we'd have to resort to arty-farty walking sims with text dumps!" No, you could communicate using your game's mechanics, and inspiration from/mechanically incorporating real-life systems outside of games is vital for this.

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Found a blog article on a 'gemini' site advocating against chromebooks:


8 minute read.

If you don't have a gemini client(such as amfora) you can access 'geminspace' through your regular web-brower from either of the following sites:

#Gemini #Blog #Amfora

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This orchid plant, one that I inherited in 1974, although now much neglected, produced a spike with 22 flowers this spring.

It was growing on a table on a shady side of the house but I brought it out onto the rear deck where we can more easily enjoy the beauty of its flowers.

I used the panoramic function in my cell-phone camera to get the whole spike into one photograph.

All my orchids need re-potting but have continued to flower despite my recent neglect.

#photo #flowers #orchids

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"Listen, you who thirst for tales, to-"
"Excuse me," a child said, "is it a true story?"
"This story never happened," the storyteller said, "but it is true."
Satisfied, the child sat down to listen.
"That makes no sense," an adult said.
"It does," said child and storyteller both.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Gemtext is such a good format because it does everything you need instead of everything you want

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If you want to take part in a huge book exchange, send a DM and I'll give you the details.

Basically you post a copy of your favourite book to a stranger along with a note about why you love it, and in return people send their favourite books to you 😃

It's a really cool idea, especially because the people involved could be all over the world. Yesterday I sent Ursula Le Guin's "The Dispossessed" to someone in Austria!

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I can highly recommend checking out #StreetComplete[1]. I Spent some time with it during my cycling trip today and completed about 60 quests :). It's a bit addictive.

But I also noticed that it's a lot less fun inside Berlin, it seems like all the easily solvable quests are already solved everywhere here. (Which of course means the #OSM quality here is insanely high.)


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<< [M]ost physics departments are likely setting up their courses to cater to the well-prepared students, and in the process, they are sacrificing those less prepared. Such a choice makes sense if you mistakenly attribute the differences to talent. In that case, you want to optimize the educational benefits for the talented students, as they would be wasted on those with little talent. >>

#physics #education

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60,000,000 gallons of oil sinking between Venezuela and Trinidad

(That's six times as much as Exxon-Valdez)

This is an avoidable disaster

If you can contact your representatives, please do so. This disaster will likely impact most of the Caribbean if not parts of the southern United States too.

This image shows current flows in the Caribbean. The ship is currently between Venezuela and Trinidad.

I am linking a petition here Please sign it if you want to show support.

Call on PM Keith Rowley to Address Concerns of Major Oil Spill Risk in the Gulf of Paria!

More info:

Search FSO Nabarima

AIS link (ship locator)

This is about to become the one of the worst oil spills of the century. The US ambassador to Trinidad has stated that they will not impose sanctions or restrictions on parties looking to assist.

We have just days left to prevent this environmental catastrophe.

While this happens, the Venezuelan government denys that any problem is occurring.

This ship contains 6 times the oil of the Exxon Valdez spill.

Check out the internal condition
This needs international attention and it needs it now.

This is an environmental problem that you, yes you, can directly make a difference with.

"Trinidad is my homeland and to see this happen is like a bomb going off in slow motion." - Reddit user

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If you want to code #HTML in #vim :vim: maybe you want to have a template to start with.

I saved my template as "~/.vim/html.skel" and put the following line into my ".vimrc":

au BufNewFile *.html 0r ~/.vim/html.skel | let IndentStyle = "html"

The autocmd reads the template file into the buffer of my new .html file and the "0" positions the insertion to line zero and the "r" instructs vim to read the contents of the file at the insertion location.

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I never stop being amazed by the sheer _volume_ of human creativity that is available on the internet.

From billions of hours of podcasts and videos to enough beautiful art to fill a thousand museums to more music than anyone could ever listen to to the sheer breadth and depth of literature, both original and fanfics, as well as essays up the wazoo on all sorts of topics and even peer-reviewed or non-peer-reviewed research about almost every imaginable subject.

It's breathtaking.

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Just opened signups on -- a Gemini & Twtxt-based website builder / social network. have fu! #gemini #twtxt

Hello! I've made a thing for

gmsfn is a feed builder for Gemtext pages that I wrote because I wanted something a bit different to CAPCOM and spacewalk.

To find out more:

See an example here:

Thanks to @sir for gmni, which I used for all the Gemini protocol stuff and Gemtext parsing.

Also, recommend me some gemlogs!

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"Why isn't there more footage of monsters?"
"What do you mean?"
"People always talked about seeing monsters, but couldn't prove it. Now that everyone carries a camera, we should see lots of films of them."
"We do."
"We do?"
"It's just not the monsters some of us were expecting."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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