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Overheard phrases that inspire less than confidence:

"Speaking as someone who knows a lot about computer vision but not so much about bears..."

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And yes, their music is available in lossless #FOSS format FLAC with no DRM: delvonlamarrorgantrio.bandcamp I encourage folks to buy their music on Bandcamp! Waaaay better than buying it via various walled gardens.

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🎤 I am planning to make some videos testing various audio interfaces with Linux, focusing on "bedroom producers". 🎵

However - I need YOU to answer a few questions before I can begin my work.

Your input will help me choose devices to buy. Please take some time to research the options - there's a lot that you may have not heard about, that could present great value.

PS: Feel free to boost this toot :)

#unfa #Linux #MusicProduction #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #FreeSoftware

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Good evening.

A fox in a highway parking lot. He seemed to have learned to take food from others.

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My wife is taking a course in "Information Security"

They require you to run flash in order to access to course.

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transhumanism, dysmorphism, body plan mutability 

The mutability of body image fascinates me. I love the feeling of extending my body through a tool that I know as well as my own bones, joints and muscles. I love feeling the road with my tires and frame, feeling the grain and fibers of ginger I slice with my edge. Or extending my body into a virtual world that I experience only through a screen, keyboard and mouse. Or even that I only experience in my mind. The experience of changing my form like that is delightful to me. One moment I have a hand and the next I have a blade. Magic.

I often think about how a person can be born with seven fingers on one hand or a missing limb, and the brain in that body just figures it out the same way I assume it figures out a “normal” body. It’s like there is no particular body plan the brain is expecting to find, which is really weird but also really powerful.

We can see with touch, by feeling with our hands. But also, a dot matrix video image can be impressed on our skin and we can learn to “see” this image; the entire sense of sight can be mapped onto touch. Given simple magnetic implants, we can develop an electromagnetic sense. We can learn to echolocate despite having none of the helpful physical traits for it.

It’s like our brain wasn’t necessarily designed to be human at all. We are a member of something much, much broader than humanity.

I compulsively take stock of my mind, trying to find its problem. I know by now that I cannot see it no matter how plain it might be, but I feel like I must be able to find its shadow or something. In the process of searching I think I do learn a lot about myself. I am blessed that my body sense functions very well. I can use tools very well. I feel no conflict between my body sense and my objective observations of my body. I believe I have a hint of how horrifying it would be to exist in that kind of conflict with oneself. I am often appalled by the state of my body but that’s an entirely different matter…

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Here's an in-depth tutorial about creating seamless audio loops (using FOSS of course!).

This is a common thing needed for game sound effects.

I cover Audacity (RIP) and Ardour showing a comparison between the two - their strengths and weaknesses. I loop 7 sounds ranging from trivial to tricky, showcasing many awesome techniques I've figured out during my years of work as a sound designer. Enjoy!

#unfa #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Audio #GameDev #Audacity #Ardour

Fixed my grandad's old record player. The auto return is pretty cool 🙂

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Capitalists: "it's obviously impossible to provide a decent standard of living to everyone on the planet, there's not enough resources for that"

Also capitalists: "let's destroy unsold goods by the hundred thousands each week, there's not enough room in our warehouses for all that stuff"

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I got Tenacity builds down to ~5 minutes for Linux and macOS and ~10 minutes for Windows. 🚀

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What is your least favorite "advancement" in modern technology? One of mine is touch buttons taking over in place if tactile ones on appliances. I swear I have to hit buttons 2 or 3 times every time I try to do anything.

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Of all the dysfunctions of the famously cursed US healthcare system, few are so obviously a total scam as "surprise billing." Here's how that works: you go to a hospital (often its ER) that is covered by your insurer, and then, despite this, you get a giant bill. Surprise!

How can a hospital covered by your insurer hit you - and not your insurer - with a bill?


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New #nheko and mtxclient nightlies no longer require boost. @deepbluev7 wrote a new backend in top of curl. Yaaaay!

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Oh, also clean water is a human right and should also be freely accessible and Nestle execs should be in prison

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@natecull working in the intersection of tech and education I for sure can tell you there’s a heavy authoritarian bent in the way that tech is handled (here’s a laptop but if you do anything clever with it you’re expelled) but then when we teach about it we’re all like “express yourself, control your data, change the world!” and I don’t know how we expect that to work out. I constantly butt heads with administrators and teachers over these issues.

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Yesterday I gave an interview about #diversity in the #ClimateJusticeMovement.

I was very nervous because of my social phobia and because it was my first interview, but it turned out to be a very nice and chill conversation.

We talked about how to actively include disadvantaged people in the movement. We agreed that #FridaysForFuture & Co have to support #BLM, #pride and other #SocialJustice movements to in turn get their support. "The left" is divided, but that's just all the more reason to try to unite it.

Some people say we need to include "the right" in the climate justice movement, but we agreed that including people who discriminate is no option. Excluding people who discriminate is no discrimination or censorship, but necessary to make sure everybody else feels comfortable and safe to join and stay active.


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