Do you plan to ?

@goodspeed Kind of already, I use Gitea for personal stuff, but I still contribute to projects on GitHub

@goodspeed "plan" -- sure. First step in the plan is to make a plan. Errr…
I remember when I had very happily moved to Bitbucket. And then they lost my account. At which point I just gave up with them.

@goodspeed would not use it active but of course still using it as a passive user.

@goodspeed I only use it for contributions to other projects, my personal projects are somewhere else

@goodspeed the problem is contributing to projects on #github you must have an account, no?
How can that problem be solved? Does anybody here believe Github would introduce #federation willingly?
#gitlab, #gitea and other sourceforges would have to federate to force github to do so. Until then, I fear that my github account has to stay.

@loveisgrief You can send your patch to one of the maintainers (in e-mail). Thus you can avoid to use github.

@loveisgrief @goodspeed just like the #EU ‘s digital market act either regulators will force M$ or G****b market share drops low enough that M$ is forced to play nice

@goodspeed Is there an alternative? Github mostly replaced SourceForge. I go to Github to find OS projects. It will need a popular replacement for me to go somewhere else.

@thedaemon They are free as in freedom and free as in price. is also good btw :blobcatrainbow:

@goodspeed Thanks, Source Hut looks cool, but has a small cost associated.

@goodspeed Only reason I have an account on there and use it is for projects hosted there. I will never host my code there.

@goodspeed @xmanmonk many years ago I accidentally pushed a new repo of something from work to GitHub and I dropped it then. Even though it was private I don’t want to ever make that mistake again. Microsoft turning it into sourceforge was kind of expected imo.

@goodspeed The only thing holding me is probably GitHub Actions. And its being free for public repos.

@goodspeed it's kinda hard to not give up GitHub student pack


Have already migrated projects to a self-hosted Gitea. Still debating whether to mirror them to Github, but it's not like anyone is relying on my code. Still have a user account there, obviously.

Not quite sure what #GiveUpGitHub means, exactly.

Yes, I've read the SFC post. Hence my clarification comment.

@goodspeed Can't completely. The Rust package repository depends on GH for authentication, but at least I can move my repos off.

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