I'm looking for a substitute for cloudflare. Any advice?

@selea @JSkier @downey @karim Sorry, I wasn't clear at first. I mainly use it for CDN and DDNS. :blobnomcookie:
(And I don't care about loading speed, I just want to hide my servers' IP)

@goodspeed Depends on your goals.

- If you are looking for DNS: There are plenty of solutions.
I use PowerDNS with some secondary servers provided by @selea and (and looking into adding the TransIP ones as well, since they are my registrar and it's free real estate).
- If you are looking for a static CDN or the DDoS mitigation: I have no others to recommend really...

@goodspeed I don’t think there is a drop-in replacement for Cloudflare. They offer so many different services that this answer fully depends on what you are currently using it for. And if the answer to that question is „for convenience“, I don’t think you will find any alternative at all…

@goodspeed @selea @downey @karim No problem man. Reverse proxy an option on a VPS? Or looking for something free? Oracle Cloud has a free tier I use for that, in addition to a paid VPS for other stuff. Never liked Cloudflare CDN. DNS has been okay.

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